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Address: Port Credit, Ontario, Canada

Blues & Roots Radio are a global online radio station based in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada and Melbourne, Australia who are playing the best Independent artists 24/7 from all around the world. The station can also be streamed through the internet. They are brilliant supporters of independent musicians and are making a real positive difference in our part of the music world.

The station plays a great selection of music from Blues, Soul, R&B, East Coast Canadian, Alt Country, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, Bluegrass to Celtic, Folk and Roots. You will always find new artists who you will really love, as the quality of this station's playlists are very high. The music is chosen by the presenters themselves rather than by committee, which adds to the unique feel of each individual show.

The shows will often have a live chat thread on the stations FB Group page (Blues and Roots Radio Station Page) where music supporters and fans can communicate directly with the radio presenters and often with the musicians whose music is being played and showcased. This leads to a real community and interactive feel about the station.

Blues & Roots Radio also has a new membership scheme which is definitely worth checking out.

There are so many great shows it is very hard to single one out, but 'Fantastic Friday' (combining Brian Players Acoustic Cafe, The F-Spot sessions with Daria Kulesh, Neil Kings 'Along the Tracks' and Zoe Garden's 'The Secret Garden'), starting at 9PM (UK time) is always worth a listen. 'Aussie Rules Sunday' is always great as is Mike Harding's Folk Show, Wee Dan's Hoose (By Stevie), The Maui Celtic show (by Hamish) and Roots & Fusion (by Rick). The programmes are repeated through the week and are often updated to Mixcloud.

Blues & Roots Radio is one of the 'hottest' stations now along with BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio for supporting and promoting independent musicians and new music.

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