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Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic, Jazz, Indie-Folk, Pop

Location: Ithaca, New York State, USA

Discography: Think Twice EP (2014), Matter of Time (2015) 

Record Company: Independent



Every so often you come across a young singer-songwriter with a great vocal who possesses something very special, a real gem, with huge talent and experience beyond her years. This is most definitely the case with our next showcase artist Cănen (pronounced ‘cannon'), who recorded her debut EP 'Think Twice', in May 2014, the weekend of her 12th birthday and used the recordings to raise money for human rights. So far she has raised over $3000 for Amnesty International.  She is one of our favourite young US singer-songwriters and we feel she has a fantastic future ahead of her. She reminds us a little of Norah Jones in her delivery and has a lot of feeling for the material for one so young. 'One to Watch'........and all of us here at LCM HQ will be following her progress with much interest.

For her new EP 'Matter Of Time' as in her debut EP, she once again joins Anna Coogan (JD Foster, Johnny Dowd), Grammy-winning engineer Will Russell and musical heavyweights Willie B (Neko Case, Jamie Lidell), and Michael Stark (Johnny Dowd, Spoon), adding renowned cello player Hank Roberts (Bill Frisell), and veteran bass player, Brian Dozoretz (Queen Latifah) into the mix at Electric Wilburland in Newfield, NY.

Her cover of the 1942 chart-topper, 'I’ve Got a Guy in Kalamazoo', is a nod to her great-great Uncle Barry Wood, lead vocalist on NBC’s 'Your Hit Parade' and immediate predecessor to Frank Sinatra.

In the past year Canen's songs were played on radio stations in the US, England, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Italy, and the Netherlands, showcased online and reviewed in de Krentin Uit de Pop (Netherlands).

You can still donate to her Amnesty International campaign through her website!


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