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Genre:  Acoustic, Folk, Folk-Rock and Americana (folk, country, blues, rock & roll mix). Cat Stevens via CSNY

Location: Brighton, England

Discography: Helicopter EP (2013) How That Dust Jumps (2015)

Record Label: Independent

Our next showcase artist Ian Roland is a contemporary singer-songwriter and storyteller from Brighton. Ian released in April 2015 a very good new album called 'How That Dust Jumps', which has been receiving a lot of attention, including great reviews from Fatea, Folkwords and album of the week from Brian Player's Acoustic Cafe on Blues & Roots Radio. The album features eight original songs, superbly written and co-produced by Ian himself, spanning the worlds of folk, country, pop and beautifully reminiscent of seventies folk rock. ian was joined on the album by Lee Bridges (drums), Scott Gentry (bass), Jake Skinner (percussion, engineer) and the the addition of Simon Yapp (fiddle and backing vocals). Their is a real retro feel to the album, which we really enjoy. Ian plays a 12 string guitar, guitars and mandolin. 

The album was a follow-up to his critically acclaimed 'Helicopter' EP released in 2013. 

“Belying its monosyllabic and forthright title, Ian Roland’s “Hate” is an uplifting, melodic and incredibly catchy track with some beautiful sunshine harmonies. On the basis of this song, if there was a Laurel Canyon in Brighton, Ian Roland would be living there.” (Graham Lovatt The Eclectic Eel Radio Show (Sept 29, 2014))

“Ian Roland’s songs have a way of sneaking into your head and heart after just one listen. I find myself singing them long after hearing them. His songwriting somehow has the magical ability to transport me back to the front porch of my youth. They manage to sound both modern and like something from times gone by. Excellent.” (Baylen Leonard, Amazing Radio – The Front Porch (Jan 28, 2014))


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