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Genre: Roots Rock'n'Roll, Blues, Americana

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Discography: Spring EP (2010) Summer EP (2010) Fall EP (2010) Winter EP (2011) Thick as Thieves EP (2012) Killing Time EP (2013) Kin (2014)

Record Label: RH Music 

Rebecca and Megan Lovell better know as sister duo Larkin Poe are a musical force to be reckoned with. With a super tight playing, gorgeous two-part blood harmonies and excellent songwriting, these sisters know how to gave a great performance. After the release of their debut album last year, Rebecca and Megan have gone from strength to strength and are one of our 'LCM 2015 ones to watch'

"We have a very colorful family history," explains lead singer/guitarist Rebecca, 23, who also plays mandolin and violin. "There were a lot of creative, hotheaded, and intelligent branches that went against the grain in our family tree. Our paternal grandfather suffered from schizophrenia, while our great, great, great, great grandfather, Larkin Poe, was a Civil War wagon driver turned historian and a distant cousin to Edgar Allen Poe. Growing up with their crazy stories definitely shaded our perception of normal. As artists, I think some of those innate eccentricities, passed down from generation to generation, have been even further exaggerated in us!" Megan, 25, who contributes lapsteel and dobro to the line-up, chimes in, "As sisters, we just wanted to pick a band name that had familiar significance, so we decided to give a nod to our ancestors and take on the name Larkin Poe."

"Musically," Megan, adds, "we've been a bit schizophrenic in our choices over the years; we've dabbled in many musical styles. We grew up playing classical violin and piano as little kids, our mom would drive us to weekly lessons - while at the same time, our dad was playing his classic rock albums: Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Band. In our early teens, we got turned on to roots music -- blues, bluegrass, folk -- we were a bit confused! But after a few years of searching and experimentation, we've finally found a way to piece the fragments of our artistic personalities and musical tastes together. We've found our voice."

Yet another huge change for Larkin Poe came in the form of signing their first record deal at the end of 2013. After years of being fiercely independent (i.e., they self-released five EPs and toured for three years without label support), they decided to sign with RH Music. "We signed with RH Music because they believe in our authenticity. They understand that we make music for no other reason than our need to make music and want to support that need," explains Megan. "They see our passion!" Others are clearly taking note of this passion as well, including Elvis Costello and Kristian Bush (of Sugarland). Both legends have taken the sisters out on the road to serve both as opening bands and backing bands; with Elvis Costello calling them "gifted instrumentalists," while Bush praises "the poetry they make with their strings, words, and voices."

With years of domestic and international touring under their belts, and a large and loyal fan base already in place, the sisters want their fans to know that "Kin" is truly their coming of age project. "This is by far the most genuine piece of work we’ve ever released as a band," says Rebecca. "It’s our story, written in our way, played and sung by us. We call it roots-rock'n'soul. It's our whole heart and soul mashed up into a musical

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