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Patch & The Giant - All That We Had, We Stole (10/02/17)

  • Artist: Patch & The Giant
  • Genre: Indie Folk, Folk, Blues, Alternative
  • Release Date: 10th February, 2017
  • Record Label: Absolute:
  • Tracks: 12 (+1 hidden bonus track)
  • Website:

London indie five piece Patch & The Giant are a very exciting live band, so it was very interesting to see how this energy would translate into their debut album, the imaginatively titled 'All That We Had, We Stole'.  Their fresh music is a fusion of styles lending comparison to bands like US Indie folk 'Beirut', American Indie Rockers 'The Decemberists', a harder-edged 'Keston Cobblers Club' and Brighton's very own folk-rock band 'The Levellers'. It has a Irish folk-rock feel coupled with an almost eastern european influence at times, which we would like to name 'Celtic Balticana'. The album is full of rousing anthemic songs interspersed with some dark brooding and personal songs. It's complemented by Angie's accordion, harmonica and trumpet, Nick's bass and string playing from Gabriel and Derek. It's Luke's distinct vocal which give the album it's raw Celtic sounding edge.

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