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Under Blues Skies - CALICO the band (15/09/17)

  • Artist: CALICO the band
  • Genre: Country, Americana
  • Release Date: 15th September, 2017
  • Record Label: California Country Records
  • Tracks: 13
  • Website:

Calico are a Californian Americana Country group led by the female duo of Manda Mosher and Kirsten Proffit, who are known for their signature intimate and tight harmonies. They are a California band in the deepest, most natural sense of the term, their name is shorthand for California country. Their music echoes what Gram Parsons famously dubbed 'Cosmic American Music'. The sound and feel of 'Under Blue Skies' is inspired by the duo’s shared love of Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Eagles, the Everly Brothers, Fleetwood Mac and of course the Beatles. Their songwriting touchstones also includes Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, The Band and Tom Petty. Manda and Kirsten feel so connected to this classic and timeless music, that they’re able to bring it into the present tense and make it their own.

“Because we’ve spent so much time together, we feel more comfortable expressing vulnerability in the lyrics; there are definitely more love songs. There’s certainly meaning to our debut album 'Rancho California', but it’s more broad strokes; on Under Blue Skies, we were able to dig in and get more personal.” comments Manda.

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