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Edgeland - Kim Richey (30/03/18)

  • Artist: Kim Richie
  • Release Date: 30th March, 2018
  • Genre: Folk, Americana
  • Record Label: Yep Roc
  • Tracks: 12
  • Website:

Brand new Kim Richey studio album "Edgeland" Produced by Brad Jones. Since appearing on the Nashville music scene in the mid-90s, Kim Richey has been nominated for two Grammy awards, recorded seven studio albums, and collaborated with everyone from Trisha Yearwood to Jason Isbell. After a nearly five year hiatus, Richey returns with her eighth studio album Edgeland The term, "Edgeland," is defined as the lost zone between urban and rural environments, a concept which mimics Richey's constant fluctuation between the rigid genre definitions of country and Americana music. Richey naturally settles between the two, ignoring convention and instead allowing her own intuitive musical progression to shape her sound. On her latest record, Richey teamed up with producer Brad Jones at his studio Alex the Great Recording in Nashville during the summer of 2017. Following in the collaborative footsteps of her 2013 album, Thorn In My Heart, Richey brought in a few of her most talented friends to record Edgeland, filling the tracks with accompanying vocals and instrumental contributions that make for a pleasant surprise at every turn. The result is a 12-track collection of work showcasing both Richey's musical adaptability and knack for collaborative songwriting. Edgeland is Richey's second Yep Roc Records release. "Richey's doe-eyed, bittersweet approach perfectly captures the hurt and regret in her material…" - American Songwriter

By Kim Richey

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