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Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic, Americana

Location: Manchester. England

Discography: Struck Gold EP (2014) Wishing Tree (2014)

Record Label: Independent

Katie Ware (Little Sparrow) is a very good singer-songwriter originally from Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire but now based in Manchester. Katie is a vocalist and songwriter who has a very special quality in her music and performance, a real charm and versatility. All of us at LCM have been very impressed each time we have Katie live.

As captivating to watch as she is to listen to, Katie's beautifully emotive use of expression mirrors the sincerity of her delivery, making her someone not to be missed. Her delicately crafted folk songs are created with a combination of flawless vocals, strings, guitars, percussion and tender harmonies. Singer-songwriter Katie Ware adopted the name 'Little Sparrow' as she felt it characteristic of the sound she had developed and the direction in which she wished to travel.

Drawing upon influences as diverse as Kate Bush, All About Eve and PJ Harvey she creates songs that are filled with a blend of styles, woven into the colourful tapestry of her music, often with a mysterious fairy tale quality.

Listeners are taken on a journey that touches upon every emotion, from heart-breaking sadness to uplifting joy.

2014 was the most exciting year for Katie as as it involved more live appearances than ever and most significantly she was thrilled to have fulfilled a huge ambition by releasing her beautiful debut album 'Wishing Tree'.

The album has gained many great reviews and much radio play from those including Janice Long (BBC Radio 2), Michelle Hussey (BBC Introducing Manchester), Dave Monks (BBC Introducing Merseyside),Guy Garvey, Tom Robinson & Chris Hawkins (BBC 6 Music),
Simon Raymond, Ruth Barnes, Shell Zenner & Kathryn Tickell (Amazing Radio) and Blues & Roots Radio along with many other radio stations regional and international. 

Although often performing as a solo artist Katie is regularly accompanied by one or more of the following wonderfully talented musicians who are a vital part of her Little Sparrow family.   Little Sparrow (Katie Ware) - Vocals and Guitar, Sarah Dale - Cello and Vocals, Johnny Lexus - Guitar and Vocals, Mitch Oldham -  Percussion, Graham Clarke - Violin, Robbie Cavanagh - Guitar and Vocals
and Jonny Booth - Pedal Steel 

"Occasionally a singer comes along in possession of a voice of such extraordinary beauty allied to songs of unflinching emotional honesty that its effect on the listener can be quite profound.  Moreover, like all great music that comes from the right place it can sooth, console and briefly make your world an infinitely better place." (Andy Von Pip - VPME)

"I have come to realize that each time that I watch her play there is always something more to be found in her performance that I haven’t fully appreciated on the previous occasion. The beauty of her voice and the quality of the playing is clearly there for all to see and hear but I keep discovering something new about the content of her lyrics and the individual way that she chooses to perform each song, as although they are all uniquely different, collectively they combine perfectly to offer textures of shade and light to her set." (Mudkiss Review)

“Little Sparrow has a singularly beautiful voice, complimented by the delicate vocal and instrumental talents of her fellow musicians, her growing repertoire of songs, packed with genuine emotion and warmth, mark her out as someone very special to listen out for and not under any circumstances to be missed live." (Shay Rowan - Manchesters Finest)


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