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LCM Awards for 2015

We are delighted to announce that the 2015 LCM Award for Best album is awarded to Esteesee by Ange Hardy. Congratulations again Ange on a great album and a very successful 2015. With Ange's new partnership with Lukas Drinkwater and new projects on the horizon, we are sure that this success will continue into 2016.

Huge congratulations also to Tracey Browne and Raevennan Husbandes for securing the No. 2 position. East by Northwest is also another gem of an album, well worth adding to your music collection.

Thank you everyone who voted for your favourite album of the year.

The final results are;-

#1 Ange Hardy - Esteesee (AOTM Sep)
#2 Tracey Browne & Rae Husbandes - East by Northwest (AOTM Feb)
#3 Amy Goddard - Burn & Glow.
#4 Steve Pledger - Striking Matches In The Wind
#5 Hattie Briggs - Red & Gold (AOTM May)
#6 Paper Aeroplanes - Joy (AOTM Apr)
#7 Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin - Watershed (AOTM Oct)
#8 Jason Isbell - More Than Free
Minnie Birch - Floudering
#10 Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman - Tomorrow Will Follow Today
Black Feathers - Soaked to the Bone.

We would like to give an special LCM Group Award for Best Debut album of 2015 jointly to Hattie Briggs for 'Red & Gold' and Minnie Birch for 'Floundering'.

We would also like to give another special LCM Group Award for Best EP again jointly to Jess Morgan for 'The Bournemouth EP' and to Hattie Whitehead for 'Home'.

2015 was another excellent year for music, with Folk, Country and Singer-Songwriters genres doing partically well. All the nominees in our final list have produced some very good albums and all are worth exploring. We are honoured to have so many talent musicians as part of our FB Group.

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