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Folk, Americana, Country, Blues, Singer-Songwriter, Roots & Acoustic music.  LCM is a new co-operative music community and on-line magazine to promote & support the music that we love. 

We aim to help music fans connect and discover great new music and help indie musicians promote their music and help them build relationships with supporters and industry professionals.



Jo is a Dorset based photographer specialising in music photography. Jo is known for her work with the UK folk community and can be often found photographing live events and festivals.



Elly Lucas is a busy young freelance photographer based in Derby, England. Specialising in portraiture, her work has been described as ethereal, vintage, folksy and, to her delight, “like waking up and remembering the last fragments of your most beautiful dreams”. Elly is the 'go to' photographer for much of the UK Folk community designing many iconic albums cover and photo shoots. Her work has been showcased at the home of EFDSS Cecil Sharp House and The Royal Albert Hall. She is also a very talented folk singer-songwriter.


Rob is a Warwickshire photographer and videographer specialing in music. He works with Folk Radio UK on their photoshoots, interviews and reviews, as well as work with bands on their videos and press/album images. Rob also runs the video sessions at The Big Comfy Bookshop in Coventry.


RODEAX LIMITED (Rodeo Whiter and Dan Lee)

Rodeax Limited are a very good film and audio production company based in Oxford. They offer a wide range of services in these sectors, both on set and in post production. They also have unique packages for wedding videos as well as studio time, music videos and live sessions.

Rodeax LTD offers services in the following areas: Audio mixing, recording, post-production sound, on location sound, sound design, dialogue editing, scoring, video editing, colour grading, event coverage, wedding videos, documentaries, corporate, adverts and promotional videos, music videos, live sessions and videos, short films, feature films and interviews. 


Sports & Events Photographer

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