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Genre: Alternative, Folk, Rock, Electronic

Band members: John Elliott.

Location: London, England

Discography: Someone Else's Lullabies (2010), Dig For The Promise (2013), A Filthy Hunger EP (2014), Fisher King (2015), Imagined Hymns and Chaingang Mantras (2016).

Our next showcase artist is a multi-instrumentalist, great songwriter and a master at the loop station. One of the 'rising stars' over the last two years and famed for playing with a faboulous string quarter (The Southfields Quartet), John Elliott (aka The Little Unsaid) is a force to be reckoned with. With extensive touring and performances at major festivals including Glastonbury, The Little Unsaid has gained a reputation for leaving audiences wide-eyed and emotionally riveted, with impassioned live shows that slide between Nick Cave-esque intensity and the tender, poetic sincerity of Leonard Cohen. 

With Yorkshire-born songwriter and vocalist John Elliott at the helm, The Little Unsaid's genre-spanning repertoire of beguiling songs has been described as 'a giddying conflation of folk, electronica and lavish orchestration…one of the supposed genre's grandest successes thus far' (Dots and Dashes). 

Working with long-time Radiohead engineer Graeme Stewart, The Little Unsaid recently completed their third album Fisher King, a collection of eleven strikingly personal and meticulously crafted songs that has been lauded by the likes of Bob Harris as 'extraordinary.' They are already working with Graeme on the follow up album, to be recorded summer 2016 in Oxford. 

The Little Unsaid will continue to tour the UK and Europe in various forms throughout 2016, including a return to major UK festivals in the summer. 


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