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For fans and musicians of Folk, Americana, Country, Blues, Singer-Songwriter, Rock, Roots & Acoustic and music from the Laurel Canyon late 60’s/early 70’s era.

LCM is a new co-operative music community, promoter, event organiser and on-line magazine to promote & support the music that we love. All the latest news, reviews and interviews

LCM is your indispensable insider guide to the wonderful world of independent music and beyond

We aim to help music fans connect and discover great new music and help indie musicians promote their music and help them build relationships with supporters and industry professionals.

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Founder of LCM: Gary Smith

Patron: Ange Hardy (Singer-Songwriter)


  • Chris Bailey (Singer-Songwriter - Kadia)
  • Hattie Briggs (Singer-Songwriter)
  • Tony Birch (Reviewer - FATEA)
  • Rob Bridge (Redwood Music Photography)
  • Alex Carson (Singer-Songwriter - Wooden Arms) (Live and studio producer and sound engineer)
  • Lee Cuff (Singer-Songwriter - Kadia) (Reviewer - FATEA)
  • Roxanne de Bastion (singer-songwriter + International director of the FAC + Founder and organiser of the 'From Me To You' indie musicians conference)
  • Gitta de Ridder (Singer-Songwriter)
  • Jess Distill (Singer-Songwriter - Said The Maiden)
  • Michelle Fredricks
  • Saskia Griffiths-Moore (Singer-Songwriter)
  • Claire Hagan (Social Media Expert and co-founder of Independent Music Day) 
  • Kat Healy (Singer-Songwriter)
  • David Hoyland (Singer-Songwriter - Kadia)
  • Martin Lumsden (The Cream Room Recording Studios + Audio Engineer Balcony TV)
  • Neil King (Founder of FATEA - Presenter of Along The Tracks radio show)
  • Albert Mann (Singer-Songwriter) (Festival Organiser - Music Makers)
  • Keiron Marshall (Singer-Songwriter - Co-owner of The Sound Lounge)
  • Maya McCourt (Cello player + vocalist - Dana Immanuel + Various Guises + Tom Hyatt)
  • Michael McEntee (Singer-Songwriter - Owner of the Big Comfy Bookshop)
  • Ned Mortimer (Singer-Songwriter - August & After) (Music Reviewer)
  • Megan O'Neill (Singer-Songwriter)
  • Brian Player (Presenter - Acoustic Cafe radio show)
  • Ade Riches (Artist Management - Creative Sounds UK)
  • Shay Rowan (Artist Management + Photographer)
  • Steve 'Stylusboy' (Singer-Songwriter + Tortoise PR)
  • Russell Swallow (Singer-Songwriter) (Promoter, Organiser or Curator - Beatnik Events)
  • Andrew Turner
  • Manoja Ullman (Artist Manager & Organiser of the Music Makers Festival)
  • Emily Watts (Singer-Songwriter) (Event organiser & Promoter)
  • Hannah White (SInger-Songwriter - Co-owner The Sound Lounge)

Would you like to join the LCM team? We are current looking for reviewers (CD and live) and music bloggers. We are also looking for people with music promotion, marketing & PR experiance and anyone with experiance of successfully running a small record label.

Our plan is to have region hubs across the UK and beyond where we can showcase great local music, great venues and promoters.

If you would like to join us and be part of the LCM family in any way, please send us a message through our website contact page





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