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Genre: Indie Folk

Band Members: Devan Glover, Khalid Yassein, Andrew Oliver and Ben Labenski

Location: Toronto, Canada

Discography: Wild Rivers (2016)

Record Label: TBA



For our next showcase band we travel to Toronto, Canada the home of Wild Rivers, a very good new award-winning four-piece indie folk band. In the last few days they have just released their self titled debut album. 'Already Gone' is their new single. We really like this one and are looking forward to exploring the album further. 

Devan Glover and Khalid Yassein began performing as ‘Devan & Khalid’ at Queen’s University in 2012. They started playing acoustic covers of songs and soon progressed to writing and performing their own music.

They became established in the Queen’s music community and absolutely loved playing at all the student bars and events. They recorded a 3-track EP, ‘This Town’, which was released in February of 2014. It was this EP which pushed them out of our comfort zone and opened their minds to a full-time pursuit of music after graduation. It was always something that they had dreamed of, but the positive reception that they received from releasing ‘This Town’ showed them that it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility, which was very exciting to realize.

After graduating in May 2015, they moved back home and established themselves in the Toronto music scene (while still playing lots in Kingston and surrounding areas!). They were voted ‘Toronto’s Best New Artist’ in this year’s 'CBC Searchlight' contest back in May, which gave them access to local and national radio play, and lots of the exposure that they needed. Since then, they have been playing shows in major cities in Ontario and Quebec, and have been recording new material for their upcoming debut album.

This summer they teamed up with fellow Queen’s graduate Ben Labenski, who is an exceptional drummer and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Andrew Oliver. Together they became ‘Wild Rivers’. The band released their debut single as 'Wild Rivers', called ‘Wandering Child’ in the autumn of 2015, which has already gained over 40,000 hits and national radio play!

Their debut album 'Wild Rivers was released on 16th April.

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