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  • 8th Jan: Somewhere Between - Steve Pledger
  • 15th Jan: The Wide Afternoon - Jack Harris
  • 22nd Jan: Take Your Time EP - Adam Sweet
  • 4th Feb: Stories To Tell - Megan & The Common Threads
  • 15th Feb: All That We Had We Stole - Patch & The Giant
  • 2nd Mar: Unholy Choir EP - Coven
  • 9th Mar: Supermoon - Supermoon
  • 23rd Mar: Dance Of The Copper Trail - Oka Vanga
  • 9th Apr: Siren Serenade - Emily Mae Winters
  • 16th Apr: Almost Home - Keston Cobblers Club
  • 27th Apr: In A Life & Place Like This - Good Harvest
  • 7th May: The Outlandish Collection EP - Kadia
  • 14th May: Outside My Mind - Ned Roberts
  • 28th May: Between River & Railway - Claire Hastings 
  • 14th June: Southern Halo - Southern Halo
  • 26th June: The Other Side EP - Callaghan
  • 15th July: - Colter Wall - Colter Wall
  • 25th July: Night Hours - Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith
  • 5th Aug: To My Roots - Emma Stevens
  • 22nd Aug: The Nashville Sound - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
  • 5th Oct: Wildfire - Elles Bailley
  • 1st Dec: A Polyphonic Life - Tobias ben Jacob


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