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Release date: 27th May, 2016

Genre: Folk

Band members: Stu and Debbie Hanna

Record Label: EDJ Records

Tracks: 10




Multi award-winning husband and wife duo Stu and Debbie Hanna better known as Megson are well known for creating excellent music and their latest album 'Good Time Will Come Again' certainly doesn't disappoint. Ten crafted quality original songs containing topical social commentary with their trademark sense of humour, great hooks and clever lyrics. Modern urban folk songs and stories of the problems and struggles of ordinary people. Full of thought, heart and feeling. Stu and Debbie are joined on the album by guest musicians John Parker (Double Bass) and Patrick Duffin (Percussion). The album was produced by Stu and recorded in their Megson Garage Studio. The cover artwork is by Wethreelclub based on an original photograph taken by Rob Bridge.


Generation Rent is a rousing very catchy anthem, a topic song about the trials, struggles and tribulations of the current housing crisis. A younger generation unable to afford to buy their own homes and forced to live with their parents or to rent.  Great double bass playing from John Parker. Love the lyrics '‘And on that glorious day my darling daughter comes to say. I want to introduce gran to my fella. I say go down and tell her.....she’s living in the cellar!"

Another very topical and tender song is 'Prayer For Hope' written about the current migrant crisis. Stu and Debbie focus on the difficult and dangerous journeys the families take to seek a better life and keep safe. As a heartfelt ‘prayer’ it echo's ‘Lord give us the strength for holding on to hope'.

With a video based on a British Steel Industry (Iron & Steelworks) - 1945 Educational Documentary, 'Burn Away' is a celebration of steel and steel workers with a encouragement in the chorus to 'Keep the steel mill flowing!'. A very pertinent and timely song in view of the latest news about the current steel crisis and Tata Steel. Accompanying Stu on multiple instruments including banjo is some excellent double bass playing by guest John Parker.

'The Bonny Lad' is a song about a grieving mother laying her soldier son to rest and asking whether, despite seeing the very worst and all the destruction the world has to offer, he is still the son she raised and loved. "You have watched the worst of man and all they can destroy. Let my tear-drops soothe you now and make your spirit pure. And you will be my bonny lad and sing forever more".

Another driving optimistic anthem is 'Pushing On'...encouraging everyone to 'keep on pushing on' despite of the struggles of life. Some very good fiddle by Stu on this track.

A gentle and tender song for accountants everywhere, 'The Bookkeeper' is a tale of the unrequited love of a shy tongue-tied bookkeeper in Billingham, for the chief accountant’s clerk. It stops just short of the final happy ending, so we will never know if he finds true love. "For you can put a price on gold or almost anything for I've been told, but the love a true heart holds, never can be sold"'

Leaving modern life for a moment and taking a trip back into history 'Rap'er Te' Bank' is written in the 19th/20th century ‘Yakka’ industrial dialect. It is a heartfelt love story between a pitman and his lass.

'Zero' is probably the first song written to discuss and tackle the problem of zero-hours contracts. It incorporates the fiddle tune 'Sandhill Corner'.

A perfect description of modern life is contained within the personal and sincere 'Patterns' - "Where's the time for me and you....always something else to do"

The album ends will the title track the upbeat and americana flavoured 'Good Times Will Come Again'. A song looking forward to a positive future.

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