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  • The photo sharing site INstagram is owned by Facebook
  • An average Instagram user has an average of 821 follwers



  • It is difficult to post to Instagram from your PC without using a mobile phone emulator program.
  • You cannot see who follows you easily
  • You cannot embed links in your posts
  • You cannot amend posts
  • A lot of post hijacking. 'Come visit/look at my page'. 'Listen to my music' etc 


25 Top trips for Instagram

  1. Don't cheat the system - Don't buy follwers
  2. Instagram is a visual platform so improve the quality of your photos
  3. Develop a constant editing style. Use filters
  4. Be an active Instagramer. Regularly comment and engage
  5. Interact with the right people. Ones who are interested in you and what to engage
  6. Have a strong profile picture
  7. Optimise your bio. Make it fun, memorable and snappy
  8. Use all the hashtags (up to 30)
  9. Use the right hashtags to increase coverage and organic reach
  10. Geo-tag your images. It's 80% better in terms of reach
  11. Experiment with captions. Use questions
  12. Include a call to action. Tag a friend
  13. Tag other people in images
  14. Stay on topic
  15. Work on big trending topics
  16. Keep a constant schedule. 
  17. Post at the right time (morrning, lunchtime and before bed). Posting about 9AM (UK) is optimal
  18. Switch to a business account which has more functionality
  19. Listen to analytics
  20. Reply to comments with a thoughtful comment
  21. Use Instagram stories as they have more recognition. Use all the features
  22. Use Instagram Live. Save show 24hrs
  23. Post more videos as they generally have more views
  24. Promote Instagram on social media to cross-cover
  25. Partner with fellow creators 

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