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Release date: 26th February, 2016

Genre: Folk, Roots, Americana, Blues and Southern Rock

Record Label: Blue House Music


The Black Feathers are an award winning husband and wife duo from Gloucestershire. They have been described as the UK's answer to Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings and The Civil Wars and rightly so. Renouned for their excellent songwriting and ultra close lush two part harmonies, Ray and Sian have been going from strength to strength since the release of their very good debut EP 'Strangers We Meet' back in 2014.  Soaked To The Bone is their highly anticipated debut album and it doesn't disappoint. Ten of the tracks are originals and they also include a great cover of the classic 'Make Me Feel Your Love' written by Bob Dylan and recently made famous by Adele. They are joined on the album by a excellent team of musicians including Anna Jenkins, BJ Cole, John Parker, Phillip Henry and well as Simon Lewis, Russell Smith, Rupert Irving and Hugh Richardson. Soaked To The Bone is a perfect and classy slice of UK Americana and Blues by two of it's new rising stars.

The album begins with the upbeat and catchy live crowd favourite 'Take Me Back' a perfect opener and showcase song. The mood is taken down on the very tender and beautiful 'Goodbye Tomorrow'. The stripped back and sublime 'Arclight' continues to impress with quality songwriting, vocals and finger-picking acoustic guitar. We love the underlying cello arrangement. The atmospheric and bluesy 'Blind' wouldn't look out of place in a soundtrack of Western movie. We think this would make a great sync. The very catchy, 'All For You' is the first single released from the album and has its own official video (see above). It is from the lyrics of the song that the album receives its name.

The very tender, reflective and personal 'Homesick' continues the quality songwriting. With the next track 'Winter Moves In' released as a single by Ray and Sian to raise funds for Marie Carie UK.

Already a very popular 'drinking' song in their live set 'Down By The River', receives a rightful place on the new album. The new album version has a new fiddle solo by Anna Jenkins. 'Make You Feel My Love' wrtten by Bob Dylan and made famous by in the UK by an Adele version on 21. Ray and Sian make this stripped back and tender acoustic version their own. It's a great showcase for their sublime harmonies.

The driving blues track 'Spider And The Fly' first heard on a early Black Feathers demo CD, makes a worthy appearance on the new album.

Finally 'Clear Blue Sky' is a song of personal heartbreak "Tell me you'll forget me not, and I'll be satisfied. I will wish away the rain clouds and dream of clear blue sky"

Country and Americana is rapidly becoming a very strong and popular genre in the UK. Ray and Sian have the talent and drive to succeed at the highest levels and become some of the leading lights. This excellent album has announced their arrival.

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