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For fans and musicians of Folk, Americana, Country, Blues, Singer-Songwriter, Rock, Roots & Acoustic and music from the Laurel Canyon late 60’s/early 70’s era.

LCM is a new co-operative music community, promoter, event organiser and on-line magazine to promote & support the music that we love. All the latest news, reviews and interviews

LCM is your indispensable insider guide to the wonderful world of independent music and beyond

We aim to help music fans connect and discover great new music and help indie musicians promote their music and help them build relationships with supporters and industry professionals.

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The idea for Laurel Canyon Music was born on the 8th May 2013 at a Thea Gilmore concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the Southbank. Inspired by the high quality of independent music at the gig and a meeting with multi-award winning Welsh singer-songwriter Al Lewis, LCM founder Gary Smith knew he had discovered a very special part of the independent music world.

Although independent musicians are often some of the most talented and innovative in the music industry, they often lack the promotion, support, contacts and somethings the encouragement that they richly deserved. Laurel Canyon Music was created as a co-operative music community, music promoter, on-line magazine, music resource and networking group. The aim with to act as a catalyst and make a positive difference in any way that it could.

Now four years later with an excellent team we continue to achieve our original aims...and have made some great friends along the way.

Our name is a tribute to the wonderful original musical community in the Hollywood Hills which provided some of the most exciting and favourite music of the late 60's and early 70's. Music which still sounds brilliant today including Jim Morrison and The Doors, The Eagles, The Byrds, CSNY, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, Carole King, The Mamma's and Pappa's, Glen Campbell, Frank Zappa, The Flying Burrito Brothers, James Taylor, Sonny & Cher, Buffalo Springfield, John Mayall, Eric Burdon (The Animals), The Turtles, The Monkees, Linda Ronstadt, Jackie DeShannon and many others. The community was described very aptly as the 'Canyon of Dreams', the home of one of the most lasting genre's in one of music's golden ages. It was a Canyon with it's own wonderful playlist. It's music travelled worldwide from this little enclave and is still played regularly decades after it was first written and recorded. For many it is still the soundtrack of their lives.

The LCM group has helped to finance a number of music projects since it was founded and in Sep 2015 organised the first in a series of showcase concerts at the historic St. Pancras Old Church in London. There are also plans to increase the scope of the group to include providing access to training courses/material and practical help for independent musicians. This will be by a new resource 'LCM Innovate' and through partnerships with trusted and proven organisations with the same values and aims. 

May 2013:  The idea for Laurel Canyon Music was born

Dec 2013:  The LCM Facebook Group was started (22/12/13)

Jan 2014:   The LCM group supports its first major music project the 'Songs for the Voiceless' album, originated and curated by Sheffield based singer-songwriter Michael Tinker. This WW1 album project boasted some excellent and multi award-winning artists from the cream of the UK Folk world including Jon Boden (Bellowhead), Bella Hardy, The Young 'Uns, Kat Gilmore & Jamie Roberts, Josienne Clarke, Ian Stephenson (KAN) and Tom Oakes. The live shows were held in November 2014 and also included the very talented Jackie Oates and Matt Downer (Mabon). The album launch was held at Kings Place in London. The album received 4* reviews in the National Press and respected music magazines such as R2 and Maverick.  It also won 'Folkworks' Album of the Year in 2014. (Photo below - The encore of the launch night at King's Place, London with the cast. The event was supported by Eliza Carthy)

Nov 2014:   LCM co-organises and promotes a fund-rasier for the Folkstock Arts Foundation 'Folktoberfest' at Harpenden Halls with Helen Meissner. This very special and award-winning line-up featured Luke Jackson, Maz O'Connor, Jess Morgan, Kelly Oliver and Said the Maiden. Kelly also released her excellent debut album at the concert.

Apr 2015:   LCM announces a new series of Showcase concerts at the historic St. Pancras Old Church, London

Apr 2015:   LCM joins the Twitterverse (@laurelcanyonuk)

May 2015:  Our first LCM Music Award is given to Minnie Birch. The Group is delighted to have helped and supported Minnie's excellent debut album 'Floundering'.

Jul 2015:    LCM launch their new website (01/07/15).

Sep 2015:  LCM organises and curates its first sell-out showcase concert at St. Pancras Old Church, London. Headlining the event is Brit nominated and multi award-winning singer-songwriter Beth Rowley and her band, with very special guests Little Sparrow (Katie Ware) & Sarah Dale and Hattie Whitehead. The evening is MC'ed by a great supporter of independent music in London, Tom Du Croz (London Gig Guide and BBC Radio 2 producer). The LCM team for the evening also included Alex Carson (SE), Shay Rowan, Minnie Birch and Damien O'Doherty.

Dec 2015 LCM Awards (2015)

  • LCM Album of the year - 'Esteesee' - Ange Hardy
  • LCM EP of the year (jointly won) 'The Bournemouth EP' - Jess Morgan and 'Home' - Hattie Whitehead
  • LCM Debut album of the year (jointly won) - 'Red & Gold' - Hattie Briggs and 'Floundering' - Minnie Birch.

Jan 2016: LCM grants it's second LCM Music Award to Hattie Briggs. The Group is delighted to have supported Hattie's second album 'Young Runaway'. Hattie also wins LCM's favourite new artist of 2015.

Feb 2016: FATEA a great champion of independent music for over 30 years become a major supporter of our LCM Concert series. Neil King is also invited to MC a number of our concerts in St. Pancras Old Church, London. LCM also announces it's first joint promotion with our friends the Independent Music Collective (IMC) at the Harrison in May 2016. Brian Player (Acoustic Cafe - Blues & Roots Radio) and Tom Du Croz (London Gig Guide/BBC Radio 2) also share MC duties over the course of our 2016 series.

Dec 2016: Laurel Canyon Music nominated for an 'Innovation' award by Fatea (Final three - Won by Ewan McCelland and Georgio Monbiot)

Dec 2016: LCM announces it's annual awards

  • LCM Favourite New Artist Of The Year - Little Sparrow (Also win LCM Music Award 2016)
  • LCM Album Of The Year - Findings - Ange Hardy & Lukas Drinkwater
  • LCM Debut Album Of The Year - We Used To Make Things - We Used To Make Things
  • LCM EP Of The The Year - The Gift EP - Daria Kulesh
  • LCM Favourite UK Music Venue - The Big Comfy Bookshop (Coventry)
  • LCM Promoter Of The Year - W21 Music
  • LCM Radio Station Of The Year - Blues & Roots Radio
  • LCM Innovation Award - From Me To You & The Sound Lounge, Tooting (jointly won)

Jan 2017: The excellent Blues & Radio Radio based in Canada and Australia and broadcasting worldwide becomes a supporter of our London gig series. We are thrilled to have such a great champion of independent music helping us.

Jan 2017: LCM announces a new spring series of London gigs including four EP/album launches. Also we are delighted this year to be working with two excellent award-winning music venues The Green Note, Camden and The Sound Lounge in Tooting.

Feb 2017: Independent Music Day at The Sound Lounge in Tooting. Massive thanks to Claire Hagen, Hannah White & Keiron Marshall, Hattie Whitehead, Kadia, Forty Elephant Gang and our headliners Fred's House....and to everyone who come along to support the night and independent music.

May 2017: A new partnership with The Acoustic Yard Festival in Ireland. Huge thanks to David Dee Moore for all his help.

Jun 2017: New LCM London autumn series announced including headliners Me For Queen, Gitta de Ridder (Single launch), Saskia (Album Launch), Lauren Housley (Album Launch) and Hattie Briggs (EP Launch). LCM to also provided support for gigs for Katey Brooks and Kate Ellis.

Nov 2017: LCM announce folk singer-songwriter Ange Hardy as our new patron and share the new expanded LCM core team


Jan 2018: LCM announces it's annual awards

  • LCM Favourite New Artist Of The Year: Carousel
  • LCM Album Of The Year:  Long Lost Home - Daria Kulesh
  • LCM Debut Album Of The Year: (Joint Winners) Magnified - Beatrix Players & Siren Serrenade - Emily Mae Winters
  • LCM EP Of The The Year: Carousel - Carousel
  • LCM Best Live Act - Ange Hardy
  • LCM Favourite Music Venue - The Big Comfy Bookshop (Coventry)
  • LCM Favourite Folk/Country/Acoustic Club - Downend Folk Club
  • LCM Promoter Of The Year - Graham Smallwood (Folk On Mondays)
  • LCM Radio Station Of The Year - Blues & Roots Radio
  • LCM Radio Program Of the Year - Folk Findings - Ange Hardy & Rob Swan
  • LCM Innovation Award - The Company Of Players

Jan 2018: LCM launch a branch new interview series entitled 'Candid Canyon'. The first interview by Tony Birch features our LCM 'Album of the Year' winner Daria Kulesh and her new band.

Jan 2018: LCM are delighted to have won FATEA's prestious 'Innovation' award in 2017. The final three nominees included the excellent 'Shake The Chains' project and one of our favourite London venues The Sound Lounge

Jan 2018: LCM announce a new gig partnership with Acoustic Sanctuary to co-run gigs in East London.

Jan 2018: LCM works with Laurel Canyon Radio based in Los Angeles to create a brand new radio show showcasing the best independent artists from around the world.

A big thank you to to Lucy for allowing us to use her great song 'Laurel Canyon' on our website. Please check out the rest of Lucy's music, it's very good.

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