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Learn how to make better music and become a better producer with the ‘Lucrative Home Studio’ online training program.

Price : $596 (approx £470)

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Lucrative Home Studio is a training course from New Artist Model that will teach you how to build or upgrade an affordable home studio and develop your mixing, mastering, and production skill sets so you can consistently produce radio-ready recordings again and again.

Master the business, technical, and creative secrets of consistently producing professional radio-ready recordings

  • 8 modules of in-depth and practical video lessons taught by award-winning producer and engineer Gary Gray

  • See inside Gary’s DAW and learn the techniques that allow him to get a big-studio sound in a minimal home studio

  • Upgrade your ear with 10 Music Production Ear Training Exercises

  • Learn how to build (or upgrade) a home studio without wasting money on gear that won’t make a difference in the sound of your recordings

  • Get the business secrets that Gary has used to get huge clients like Disney and 20th Century Fox

  • Go at your own pace with lifetime access to the online course

The Lucrative Home Studio online course costs $795 and New Artist Model offers an exclusive discount of 25% for all Laurel Canyon Music community members. To order the course, simply click “Get the Coupon” and follow the steps on our partner’s site.


The Lucrative Home Studio is a self-paced online course with eight modules of in-depth training and over fifty actionable video lessons chock full of mixing and mastering secrets that will up the quality of your mixes and level-up your home studio business.

This course taught by producer and engineer Gary Gray, and everything you’ll learn is based on his 30 years of experience and research in countless home studios and many multi-million dollar production studios around the world - both analog and digital.

Gary will show you behind the scenes of his digital audio workstation and teach you tracking and mixing techniques. You’ll learn about compression, equalization, intonation, A/B’ing, and reverb. But most importantly, you’ll learn how to create those high-quality sounds with any gear in any studio.

Because here’s the secret: the gear you use plays a very small role in how much you can achieve with your home studio.

What you need are the production skills, and a well-trained ear, and the kind of confidence in yourself that creates success. If you have all that, you can produce top-quality recordings and attract high-paying clients with even the most basic gear.

The Lucrative Home Studio goes beyond the scope of most music production courses out there. In addition to mixing and mastering, you’ll also learn how to build your own home studio. Gary will show you what gear is essential and where you can save money and rely on stock plugins.

AND you’ll learn how to find clients and build a profitable and successful home studio BUSINESS.

Gary has worked with huge clients like 20th Century Fox, Disney, A&E, and CBS and has been earning a 6 figure annual income. And this course is your chance to tap into his extensive knowledge and learn all about working with clients and closing deals.

And if you feel like you want more hands-on help and instruction, you can choose the special coaching version of the course and get direct mentoring with Gary for six months. You’ll get to join in monthly group mentoring calls where for two hours each month Gary will answer your questions and give you feedback on your tracks and any issues you are having with your business.

Plus get access to an exclusive online community dedicated to music production and independent success. The Indie Artist Network is a Private Community of Musicians, Producers and business people from around the world and a ready-made network for you to tap into.

If you want to increase your success in the world of music production then it behooves you to approach your craft, and your business, from the viewpoint of enhancing, as a top priority, the most vital link in the chain of music production and the business of music: YOU.

YOU are the most vital link in the chain of music production. So grab your 25% discount coupon right here and sign up for the Lucrative Home Studio course and upgrade yourself.

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