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Genre: Country

Band Members: Catherine & Lizzie Ward Thomas

Location: Hampshire, UK

Discography: From Where We Stand (2014), Cartwheels (2016)

Record Company: WTW Music/Sony Music



Our next LCM showcase artists are the record breaking twin sisters from Hampshire Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas. In September 2016 they became the first UK country act to have a UK No.1 album with their excellent second album 'Cartwheels'.

We first met Catherine & Lizzy Ward Thomas at the wonderful Green Note, Camden back in late July 2014, just a few days after the release of their very successful independent debut album "From Where We Stand". After an impressive performance on the night, it was clear that these very talented sisters had a great future ahead of them. One of the most thrilling parts of what we do here at LCM is to see people that we have met, progress and grow musically in their careers, Catherine and Lizzy have certainly done that in the last couple of years. They were rewarded recently for all their hard work with a recording contract with Sony Music. We also feel too that their success couldn't have happened to two lovelier and talented people. 2015 was a real breakthrough year for UK Country and along with The Shires, Ward Thomas have been one of the leading lights. For the first time we have artists who can compete with US Nashville based Country artists. Taking the Nashville sound, giving it a UK spin and sending it back with interest. Almost like a new Country version of the 'British Invasion' of the 1960's and 70's. This continual Transatlantic sharing of ideas has created some of our favourite music past and present.

The sisters have been called "Britain's first country stars". Along with The Shires, they are producing modern country music with a British twist in a genre dominated by American singers and bands. Fellow country singer, Crissie Rhodes of The Shires, describes their music as written "from a British perspective. While people have been able to appreciate the American sound, they can connect with the themes of British lyrics."

Their brand new second album 'Cartwheels' is excellent and one I'm sure Catherine and Lizzy are very proud of and rightly so. It is full of strong songs co-written with the sisters and highlights a new maturity from their debut album. From the up-tempo Country Pop crowd favourites to some beautifully written and reflective ballads. 'Cartwheels' was recorded by Oscar Winberg at Kensaltown Recording Studios in London. We highly rate the album, which gets better on every play.

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