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Release Date: 13th May, 2016.

Genre: Singer-songwriter

Band Members: Sarah Howells

Location: London, UK

Record Label: Seahorse Music

Tracks: 4



EP1 is the debut studio EP from Bryde, the new solo project of Sarah Howells of Paper Aeroplanes. It is the follow-up to a live EP the 'Chocolate Factory Sessions' released last year. Sarah is a high quality songwriter with a great vocal, which she has displayed during her time at Paper Aeroplanes and 'top-lining' numerous successful EDM tracks. This EP is no exception. It has hints of Sharon Von Etten, Mazzy Star, Daughter & PJ Harvey. Sarah has moved from normal acoustic guitar to electric and this has at times provided a more angsty harder-edged sound. There is a real stripped feel to some of the tracks, which perfectly fits the overall theme of the album. A series of highly reflective and personal relationship songs delivered with great feeling. Fierce and fragile songs about entangling and unraveling.

The EP opens with the hard edged and personal 'Help Yourself' the second single release from the EP. 'If you can't help yourself, no one else will help you out of it. Loving you won’t get better, When nothing I try is good enough…"

Firmly back in Paper Aeroplanes territory is the beautiful 'Wait', Bryde's debut single. It's a delicate and reflective song and one of our favourites on the EP.  "Wait....Nothin’ feels the same, Nothin’ feels like you do. Messin’ with my brain…It's gnawing at my heart, tearing up my confidence, pulling me apart"

The low-fi 'Nectar' is intimate, reflective, ethereal and floating. There is a real Mazzy Star feel to this one.

The EP ends with 'To Be Loved' with it's strong electric guitar hook. It heads toward more to rock than Sarah's normal alt-folk. 

The EP provides a taster of the music to come which all of us here at LCM are looking forward too. We are sure Sarah's new solo project will be a success.





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