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  • AKA George [Rock, Pop, Singer-Songwriter]

  • August & After [Pop, Folk]

  • Liv Austen [Country-Pop, Pop, Singer-Songwriter]

  • Emma Ballentine [Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Pop

  • Hattie Briggs [Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Folk]

  • Blanco White [Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Latin]

  • Cerian [Singer-Songwriter]

  • Daisy Chute [Americana, Pop, Singer-Songwriter]

  • Roxanne de Bastion {Singer-Songwriter, Pop] [RC - Nomad] [A - Direct] [M - None]

  • Ferris & Sylvester [Folk, Blues, Rock] [RC - Archtop Records] [M - Marc Connor -]

  • Isaac Gracie [Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Rock, Folk] [RL- EMI-Virgin]

  • Saskia Griffiths-Moore [Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Americana]

  • HEARD [Americana]

  • Katy Hurt & The Healers [Country, Singer-Songwriter]

  • Kal Lavelle [Singer-Songwriter]

  • Antonio Lulic [Singer-Songwriter]

  • Catherine McGrath [Country-Pop, Singer-Songwriter]

  • Albert Mann [RL] {A] [Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Rock] [RL - Indie]

  • Mike Mayfield [Soul, Singer-Songwriter]

  • Megan O'Neill {Country-Pop, Singer-Songwriter]

  • O&O [Americana, Folk, Singer-Songwriter]

  • Anna Pancaldi (Singer-Songwriter, Pop]

  • Harry Pane {Americana, Singer-Songwriter]

  • James Riley [Singer-Songwriter}

  • Hannah Rose Platt [Country, Americana, Singer-Songwriter]

  • Hollie Rogers [RL - ?] [A -Talentbanq] [Singer-Songwriter, Pop]

  • Danni Sylvia [Singer-Songwriter, Pop]

  • Treetop Flyers [Folk-Rock, Americana]

  • Two Ways Home [Country, Americana]

  • Lucy May Walker [Pop, Folk, Singer-songwriter]

  • Tom Walker {Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Rock] [RC - ?] [M - Covert Talent] [A - Coda Agency]

  • We Used To Make Things [Pop]

  • Samantha Whates [Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Pop]

  • Hattie Whitehead {Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Folk]

  • Worry Dolls [Country, Americana]


  • CC Smugglers (Bedford) [Folk, Blues, Rock]

  • Danni Nicholls (Bedford) [RL - ?] [A - ?] {Americana, Singer-Songwriter]


  • Fred's House (Cambridge) [RL - Cracking Tunes] [Folk-Rock, Americana]

  • Ben Smith & Jimmy Brewer (Cambridge) [Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Americana]

  • The Willows (Cambridge) [RL - Independent] [Folk, Folk-Rock, Americana]

  • Emily Mae Winters (Cambridge) [Americana, Folk, Singer-Songwriter]


  • Tracey Browne [Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Pop]

  • Megan Dixon Hood () [Indie Folk-Pop, Singer-Songwriter]

  • Lauren Housley (Manchester) [Country-Rock. Country-Blues, Country Soul]

  • Sam Lyon (Winsford) [Singer-Songwriter, Pop] [RL - Indie] [A - Direct]

  • Jo Rose (Manchester) [Singer-Songwriter]


  • The Changing Room (Looe)

  • The Fisherman’s Friends (Port Isaac) [Folk, Trad Folk]



  • Grace Carter (Brighton) [RL - Polydor] [SInger-Songwriter, Pop, RnB, Soul]


  • Carousel (Southend) [Americana, Rock]

  • James Smith (Upmimster) [RL - Virgin EMI] [Singer-Songwriter]

  • Lisa Wright () [Independent] [Country, Singer-Songwriter] [RL - ?] [A - Talentbanq]

  • Vardo & The Boss (Colchester) [Pop]


  • Emily Barker (Stroud) [Americana, Folk, Singer-Songwriter] [RL - Everyone Sang/Kartel; Linn Records] [M - Howard Mills |] [A - Paul Fenn (Asgard)]

  • The Black Feathers (Cirencester) [Americana, Folk] [RL & A Blue House Music]


  • Kelly Oliver (Stevenage) [Folk, Trad Folk]

  • Said The Maiden [Folk, Trad Folk]


  • Luke Jackson (Canterbury) [RL - ?] [Americana, Folk, Blues, Rock]

  • Emily Watts (Canterbury) [Singer-Songwriter, Pop]


  • Marina Florence (Norwich)

  • Jess Morgan (Norwich) 


  • Elles Balley (Bristol)

  • Katey Brooks (Bristol) [Singer-Songwriter]

  • Yola Carter (Bristol) [Country, Soul]

  • Kitty Macfarland (Bristol) [Navigator) [Folk]

  • Beth Rowley (Bristol) [Blues, Americana, Gospel, Pop]

  • Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys (Bristol) [Folk] [RL - Navigator Records]

  • Tobias ben Jacob & Lukas Drinkwater (Bristol) [Singer-Songwriter, Folk]


  • Nancy Kerr (Sheffield) [Folk, Singer-Songwriter]

  • Beth McCarthy (York) [Singer-Songwriter, Pop]

  • Sam Sweeney () [Trad Folk]




  • Gavin James [Singer-Songwriter. Pop, Folk]


  • The Henry Girls (Malin)



  •  Kay Healy [Singer-Songwriter, Pop] [RL - Indie] [A - Direct]


  • Harry Harris [Singer-Songwriter]

  • Martha L Healy [Folk, Singer-Songwriter] [RL - Frogeye Records]

  • Findlay Napier [Folk, Singer-Songwriter]

  • Raintown [Country, Pop]

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