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For fans and musicians of Folk, Americana, Country, Blues, Singer-Songwriter, Rock, Roots & Acoustic and music from the Laurel Canyon late 60’s/early 70’s era.

LCM is a new co-operative music community, promoter, event organiser and on-line magazine to promote & support the music that we love. All the latest news, reviews and interviews

LCM is your indispensable insider guide to the wonderful world of independent music and beyond

We aim to help music fans connect and discover great new music and help indie musicians promote their music and help them build relationships with supporters and industry professionals.

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The New Artist Model in an online music business school for independent musicians, recording artists, performers, producers and songwriters. The courses teach essential business and marketing skills that empower independent musicians, taking them from creativity to commerce while maximizing their chances for success in today's music industry. Through the New Artist Model's unique approach, musicians learn how to grow their fan base and monetize their music through tools like YouTube to make a meaningful impact in today's music market.

The NAM is an excellent and very practical on-line course for independent artists run by Dave Kusak. How do we know? We have joined and have worked through the course. It's one of the very best currently available

If you are interested in exploring this option further. Please clink on the link below and check out some of Dave's great free tips and practical advice which are worth their weight in gold.

If you are interested in joining the course, please let us know and we might be able to sort out a special deal for you.

  • 12 week self-paced music business course
  • Learn the new music business
  • Create the music career of your dreams
  • Develop a strategy to drive your music forward
  • Learn how to promote your music and get gigs
  • How to license your music and get placements
  • How to find a publisher or manager
  • Manage your time and resources
  • Understand music publishing and copyrights
  • How to get signed to a label and get a record deal
  • How to identify and energize your superfans
  • Get more fans on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Get access to New Artist Model events and webinars
  • Learn marketing, promotion and artist management
  • Connect with other musicians just like you

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