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Genre: Soul, Folk, Jazz, Singer-Songwriter

Location: Porto, Portugal.

Band Members: Mary Erskine

Discography: Live At Red Gables EP (2013) Iron Horse (2014) Who I Am And What I'm For EP (2017)

Record Label: Seahorse Music




Me for Queen aka Mary Erskine is inspired by people and their stories. Growing up feral in rural Fife/Scotland in a big old house near the sea, she started writing songs when she was 13. At this time music was her method of making her mark against four older siblings, and getting out of the washing up. Mary also plays in London band 'Talk in Colour'.

Years of classical training together with a Blues guitarist for a father make for an interesting mix of Soul and Folk. Me For Queen’s piano-based songs draw obvious comparisons to Regina Spektor and Carol King but manage to fuse hints of Kate Bush and Laura J Martin. Mary cites Judee Sill & This is the Kit as a few of her favourites and says Me For Queen is “a sort of sketchpad for whatever’s happening in my head. I just try to write songs that talk to people.”

Mary's excellent cycling inspired album 'Iron Horse' was released at the very apt Stratford Velodrome in 2014. The stage electricity for the whole launch was provided uniquely by cycle power from the audience. The lead single, 'White Bike' enjoyed radio play on BBC Scotland and Amazing Radio.

Her latest EP 'Who I Am And What I'm For' was released in February 2017 at a sold out launch gig at The Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston. The lead single 'Slow Train' received airplay and critical acclaim.

Mary is also in demand as a session musicians playing on recordings and live performances including Paper Aeroplanes and Al Lewis.  

Mary is planning a UK Tour with the band in August and September with five dates a co-headline gig with Emily Maguire. The London date is at The Sound Lounge, Tooting on the 6th September.

Watch out too for her lovely new single 'Jessica'.



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Photograph credit: Fred Bellec/MFQ

Photograph credit: Fred Bellec/MFQ

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