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Release Date: 9th October, 2015

Genre: Country, Americana

Band Members: Paul Bain & Claire McArthur-Bain

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Tracks: 12

Record Label: BMB Records UK/Raintown Music (Independent)


The multi award-winning and impressive Glasgow based husband and wife team Raintown, are currently one of best and hottest duo's in European Country and Americana. Paul and Claire have been making music together for a while now and recently married. In their history Raintown have won nine awards over a relatively short period of time including Record of the Year at the 2012 Scottish New Music Awards, Duo of the Year in 2013 BCMA's, Entertainer of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2014 British Country Music Awards and 2015 Best Group at the BCMA's

Their 2010 debut album 'Hope In Troubled Times' set a high benchmark and their highly anticipated new second album 'Writing On The Wall' consolidates their position as one of most sort after live performers in the genre.  'Writing On The Wall' was successfully crowd-funded last year through Pledge Music. Their catchy hooks and tight harmonies are delivered with a warmth and intensity that demands attention. Each song is carefully and tenderly crafted. It's an honest heartfelt album of top quality Country Rock and Pop music showcasing great vocals, harmonies, quality musicianship and songwriting.

The album was produced by Justin Johnson and recorded at Parr Street Studios.

Opening the new album is the very catchy country rock title track 'Writing On The Wall'. This is a song which would happily sit on the Nashville series TV soundtrack.

'If This Was A Love Song'  is guitar driven country pop with a sing-a-long chorus about relationships and second chances.

A reflective relationship ballad 'Living The Same Old Song' "Stuck in repeat.....going round and round and the ends don't meet......scratched over time....with the same old lines...where did it all go wrong?"

One of our favourites on the album is the personal and heartfelt 'Forever Isn't Long Enough'. Some great production here with a perfect blend of guitars, bass, bouzuoki, piano and pedal steel adding to Paul and Claire's pure vocals.

‘Right Here With Me’ is about the Paul and Claire's time and experiences in the home of Country, Nashville. Paul's vocal reminds us of Elvis Costello on this track.

'Better Beautiful' written by Beau Fuller, Rick Goroutte and Brea Lawrenson is a pure Nashville pop ballad.

The feisty, rocky and up-tempo 'Shut The Front Door' is a certain live crowd pleaser. "Shut the front door, take the trash out when you go, we ain't gonna listen anymore. Now you can stick the same old lines, where the sun don't shine.....". BCMA Female Artist of the year Laura Oakes, joins Paul and Claire on backing vocals. 

Another beautiful written song showcasing Claire's great vocal and Paul's harmonies is 'Nineteen Again'. Almost classic 'Laurel Canyon' Country, it has a strong Dixie Chicks feel especially in the chorus. "When you know you don't's a long way from home"

'Missing You' is a track about the 2013 Clutha Tragedy in the couple’s hometown. A police helicopter sadly crashed into the Clutha Vaults, a pub on the north bank of the River Clyde in central Glasgow killing ten people. It's a reflection on whether it would be a comfort or a painful reminder to have the last voicemail from a loved one before they died. 

Paul takes the lead on the catchy country rock track 'Feel Much Better Now'  "When you feel like letting go....turn on the radio...and you will feel much better now." Laura Oakes once again joins Paul and Claire on backing vocals

Another favourite is the tender, heartfelt, personal and delicate 'See You Again', a song of missing and loss. We love the interplay between piano and pedal steel.

The album ends with a high tempo and very positive song about everyday life, but at the end of the day after all it's ups and downs, 'It's A Beautiful Life' . “Those bills keep on coming, somehow they get paid. Counting my blessing and putting my faith in you." 

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