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Get your music placed in film, TV, video games, advertisements, and YouTube with ‘Get Your Music Licensed’ online course

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Get Your Music Licensed is an online course from New Artist Model that teaches you a very practical approach to licensing your music. You’ll learn how to prepare your songs and tracks, how to submit to libraries and music supervisors, how to network in the industry, and how to keep yourself motivated.

  • License your music for film, TV, commercials, YouTube and more

  • 24 actionable and practical videos lessons taught by licensing expert Joyce Kettering  

  • 100+ vetted licensing leads you can submit your music to immediately  

  • Catalog tracker to organize your songs and submissions  

  • Start submitting your music in the first few weeks  

  • Creativity toolbox to help you grow your catalog quickly  

  • Go at your own pace with lifetime access to the online course

The Get Your Music Licensed online course costs $497 and New Artist Model offers an exclusive discount of 20% for all Laurel Canyon Music community members. To order the course, simply click “Get the Coupon” and follow the steps on our partner’s site.


‘Get Your Music Licensed’ is comprehensive online training that will show you how to ramp up your licensing game and secure licensing deals for the great songs you already have. You’ll learn how to organize yourself, focus your efforts, and turn licensing into a reliable income stream and exposure tool for your music.

Think of it like the ROADMAP to getting your music placed. You’ll get 100+ well vetted and current licensing leads that you can submit your music. AND, in a few short months, you’ll learn the skills necessary to find your own licensing leads and make your own connections so you can take your licensing career into your own hands.

There are 24 video lessons filled with extremely practical and actionable licensing advice - all tried and tested by music licensing guru Joyce Kettering herself. Every strategy Joyce shares in the course has been proven to work for her own music and the music of the hundreds of students who have already found success licensing their music with Joyce’s methods.

Get Your Music Licensed will help you focus on maximizing the opportunities for the music you already enjoy making. Licensing can become something that enhances and builds on everything you already have going on in your career, and work hand-in-hand with the rest of your music to get you exposure and recognition.

Plus you’ll get checklists, a catalog tracker, a submission tracker, a creativity toolbox filled with songwriting tips to help you build your catalog and become a more prolific writer across the board.

And If you feel like you need a little extra help getting started or figuring your licensing plan out, there is a version of the course that includes monthly Coaching Calls with Joyce Kettering to help you out. These are monthly group calls where you can get real-time feedback and support on your music and your plan straight from Joyce.

Plus get access to two exclusive online communities dedicated to music licensing and independent success. The Indie Artist Network is a Private Community of Musicians and business people from around the world and a ready-made network for you to tap into.

If you’re ready to get started, click here to grab your 20% discount coupon and sign up for the Get Your Music Licensed online course.

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