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Release date: 18th March, 2016

Genre: Folk/Americana

Location: Somerset, England

Record Label: Bug Music International





'December' the new album from Reg Meuross marks a departure from his normal format. After 10 album releases the multi-award winning Somerset singer-songwriter has returned to his roots to produce a completely solo album. This stripped back release, the follow-up to Reg's crtically acclaimed 2014 album 'England Green and England Grey' was recorded last year in London. With his newly restored 1944 Martin guitar front and centre, this is Reg's music and songwriting at it's most pure, personal and reflective. Reg has a real gift for storytelling, songwriting and strong melody and this is very evident on the new album. 'December' has a classy retro feel and reminds us at times of Cat Stevens and Townes Van Zandt.

2016 marks Reg's 30th year as a professional musician and this album is a fitting celebration of his work. It was recorded over two days in December 2015 at Roy Dodds' Kitchen Floor Studio in White City.

The album begins with the sublime 'When You Needed Me' with it's beautiful guitar picking and harmonica. A tale of lost love and regret. 'I Want You' continues in a personal and reflective mood. 'Man In A Boat' feels like a 70's classic maritime folk song and is sure to be a popular track on the album. The classy 'The Day She Never Cried' reminds us a lot of Cat Stevens and would happily sit on any of his back catalogue. 'Let Me Forget' has a slightly more Americana flavour, continuing the theme of love lost and reflection. With its harmonica intro 'Smarter Than Me' sees a man reminisce about his shortcomings, failures and his hopes for the future.

Reg is a very good storyteller who paints a vivid pictures with his lyrics and 'The Night' is a excellent example of it.  The beautiful and reflective 'The Hands Of A Woman' is the lead single taken from the new album, released on February 12th. It is a delicate and bittersweet song. The pattern is repeated with ‘In My Heart’ but this time the overidding emotion is sadness rather than anger. Fittingly for an album created and recorded in December the final track is the 'Christmas Song'. A gentle track reminisant and with touches of The Eagles and REM. 


Track Listing:

  1. When You Needed Me
  2. I Want You
  3. Man In A Boat
  4. The Day She Never Cried
  5. Let Me Forget
  6. Smarter Than Me
  7. The Night
  8. The Hands Of A Woman
  9. In My Heart
  10. Christmas Song

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