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Release Date: 18th February, 2017

Genre: Contemporary Folk

Location: Lancaster, UK

Record Label: Iona Lane Music (Independent)

Tracks: 4



Iona Lane is an young up and coming singer-songwriter from the North West of England. Performing for the first time only in 2013 she self-released her very well received debut EP 'Dry Stone Walls' in December 2015. 'Solace' is her new follow up 4-track EP. The title carries the idea of 'comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble; alleviation of distress or discomfort'. This time Iona is joined by Dave Shooter (Bass), Joel Shooter (Drums), Bess Shooter (Flute), Abi Plowman (Violin), Rachel Coombs (Cello) and David Ackroyd (Piano). The result is a fuller and richer sound. Since the release of the first EP Iona has supported some of her musical inspirations and favourite artists including Blair Dunlop, Larkin Poe and Luke Jackson. This has helped her develop as a musician and singer-songwriter. It will interesting to watch Iona's progress as she moves towards her debut album.

The Solace EP will be released on Feb 18th at The Gregson Centre, Lancaster.

Inspired by a trip to 'Amsterdam' visiting six holocaust sites and Anne Frank's House the opening track, echoes the very timely words of Otto Frank 'To build a future, you have to know the past'. The pace picks up on the uptempo and catchy 'Sometimes' inspired by personal experiences, a life in music and hopes for the future. A trip into the unknown is the subject of 'Fly or Fall', to start a project, journey or event not knowing the outcome, whether it will be a success or failure.  A subject which will resonate with many in the music industry. 'I'll Run Without You' is a another personal and reflective song this time about independence and relationships. 'I know how to run without you having to hold my hand'



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