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Release date: 8th April 2015

Record Label: Independent


This self released new album from one of our favourite bands, couldn't have been been better is an absolute joy! The album features the same great songwriting from Sarah Howells & Richard Llewellyn plus Sarah's outstanding and unique vocal. The overall sound is slightly more electronic pop rock on some of the tracks than the previous albums, but it still retains the trademark Paper Aeroplanes stamp of quality. Sarah also writes and performs Electronic Dance Music (EDM) away from Paper Aeroplanes, so this may be one way of bringing together the two fanbases. They are joined on the album by PA regular Ryan Ashton (Drums/Percussion) and some new additions to the PA family Hledd (Bass & BV's) and Gus Cox (Keys).  

The album opens with the anthemic and catchy “Good Love Lives On”, an uplifting guitar and keyboard driven track. Sarah’s voice has one of those dream like tones that can flip octave, tone, power and range without it even feeling like she’s even trying. The video above to the song was filmed at their brilliant sell out gig at the Union Chapel in November 2014.

'Guessing Game', the first single from the album, is powerful song with piano, keys and strong percussive beats provided by Ryan, to provide more emphasis and impact. The song is very commercial, memorable and radio friendly with great production values. The closing section of the song is beautiful.

'Books' returns to the Paper Aeroplanes signature sound with happy chords, briight keyboards and snappy drums. There is hints of Fleetwood Mac here.

The whole album is an absolute delight but it has it's tender moments too including the gorgeous 'Race you Home' with Rich's acoustic guitar and Sarah's vocal and harmonies center stage.

'Emily' is a classic Paper Aeroplanes song, superbly crafted and performed. Their dreamy folk roots shine here with lots of minor chords and smooth production of drums, guitars and keys. “Caravan” continues the more mystical element of the album with a piano laden and electric guitar track where plenty of vocal overdubs really enhance the sweet main melody. The album has a theme about journeys and homeland. The heartbreaking “Sail” is a heartfelt stunningly beautiful ballad. The high octave of the electric guitar and pitch of the vocals make it one of our favourite Paper Aeroplanes songs, on a par with 'Multiple Love' on their previous 'Little Letters' album. The added harp and strings complete the showcase.

'Joy' is pure pop fun with it's vowel 'A-E-I-O-U' backing track. There is a touch of Paul Simon here with some great percussion. The song also comes with it's own animated video. It is also amazing performed live.

 'Call off the Dawn' is another beauty once again showcasing Sarah and Rich at their very best. It starts off slowly but becomes a chorus of clapping, playing, singing and chanting. “Placebos” is a synth, drum and vocal track that slowly seeps its way into your heart. This is a keyboard led ballad that’s been given a minimal percussive and synth make-up and creates an atmospheric jazz club track

The album closes with the another tender and beautiful song 'Goldrush' made complete with Sarah's floating vocal and string section. This song really reminds us of movie track to a arthouse French film.

Joy is a stunning piece of work. If you haven't already discovered Paper have a lot of catching up to do...but you will have a lot of fun doing so.

Paper Aeroplanes were one of the major reasons we started this group. Listen in full in this album and you will see why.


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