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FATEA (10/02/16)

Fatea is extremely pleased and proud to announce that we have become official supporters of the Laurel Canyon gigs at the St Pancras Old Church (SPOC). This means that going forward we will bring you advance news of their events, in order to help increase awareness of their gigs.

Why Laurel Canyon ? Quite simply because we feel they share the Fatea ethos of helping get music out there and making people realise that music is not a commodity, but a life essential and one that needs constant renewing and nurturing to keep it healthy.

Laurel Canyon have not one but two February gigs, including one featuring Lauren Housley who can be found on the current Fatea Showcase Session.

Niamh Hughes (Shoreditch Folk) Shoreditch Radio (28/04/16)

Overall, the evening was an absolute joy to be a part of. A relative stranger to the majesty of St Pancras Old Church, I was overwhelmed at how such a simple setting, complete with a maximum of two guitars at one time could be so cosy and welcoming in such unseasonably cold weather. Laurel Canyon Music did well with this one.

Ange Hardy's Folk Favourite (03/05/16)

Laurel Canyon Music provides an incredibly useful and supportive resource to new and established artists across genres from Singer-Songwiter to Folk (in all its forms), Acoustic music and Blues. A prolific source of reviews and quotes and providing artists with a platform to share their work through their album of the week/month showcases and through a series of concerts held in one of the most beautiful venues in London, St Pancras Old Church.

At the heart of Laurel Canyon music is Gary Smith who is incredibly hard working and enthusiastic to share the music he discovers and loves. He has made it his mission to be inclusive, to involve other promoters on the scene, to support local radio and musicians as well as provide a platform for new and emerging artists through various funding schemes and performance showcases. A tip of the hat to this fine gent is most definitely due, we need people like him on this scene and I, for one am extremely pleased that we have him.

The website itself has a plethora of information including spotlighting artists, a very useful list of venues and mediaresources and gig listings as well as a ticket outlet for their events.

So it is with a very grateful heart that I add Laurel Canyon Music to my list of #FolkFavourites.

Nominated in the final three for the 2016 FATEA 'Innovation' award. (13/01/17)

Media Partners with The Acoustic Yard Festival and Events, Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland (May 2017)

Billboard - U.K. Americana Hits America, and Vice Versa, In New Roots Exchange by Paul Sexton (18/10/12)

'Other active participants in what has become a vibrant scene across the U.K. for original, home-grown music inspired by American roots include indie At The Helm, who developed Liverpool singer-songwriter Robert Vincent and call themselves the home of “unscrubbed Americana”; cooperative and promoter Laurel Canyon Music; and many websites and blogs devoted to the genre.'

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