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Release Date: 21st September, 2015

Genre: Rock / Folk Rock

Location: London, England

Record Label: Cellar Songs



Time Looks On is the new sixth studio album from the London based singer-songwriter and guitarist Nigel Brown. The one thing which becomes quickly apparent on first listen is that Nigel is a very talented guitarist. 'Time Looks On' has a real crafted retro feel about it and is very enjoyable. It is in places a very personal and reflective album, looking back at Nigel's life, family and experiances.  Musically it reminds us of a fusion of the Laurel Canyon music of the late 60's/early 70's, Pink Floyd and the later works of the Beatles. It is certainly an album that is worthy of your time. 

The album starts with an instrumental 'Over Jay's Grave' which showcases Nigel's guitar playing and has some great pedal steel. The track has the same subject matter as Seth Lakeman's 'Kitty Jay'. 'I'm Gonna Find Out (Take Me Home)' is about the realisation that there is no point in fighting anymore.  'Small Town Man' is about someone who makes out to be happy where they are not, but in reality regrets not moving on. ' The Beatleque 'The Village Disco' is about Nigel's teenage memories of Friday nights in Chagford,  Devon. 'Now The Moment Has Gone' is a simple song about no saying what you should have or what you meant. Later is too late. 'Time Looks On' Time never stops. Even when you lose someone your love time never falters, it relentless moves on. 'Grasshopper' is the story of a country boy, written for Nigel's step Grandfather. Grasshopper was his nickname at school, as he was tall and thin. 'Back To London Again' is a beautiful laid back track inspired by JJ Cale, one of Nigel's first guitar hero's. 'Change Will Come'  is the feelling of moving on to the next stage of your life, whether you want to or not. 'When Lightning Strikes' is about how quickly your life can change and the power of nature. 'Halfway Home' is a song written about the loss of Nigel's brother. "On the road I felt alone, like I'm always halfway home". It is also about finding the strength and the reason to carry on. 'Behind The Eyes' is a most political track on the album, which Nigel used UKIP as the basis for writing it. But it can be applied to any group of bigots. The album closes with another instrumental a very good acoustic guitar track 'Coming Together'.

Track Listing

  1. Over Jay's Grave
  2. I'm Gonna Find Out (Take Me Home)
  3. Small Town Man
  4. Village Disco
  5. Now The Moment Has Gone
  6. Time Looks On
  7. Grasshopper
  8. Back To London Again
  9. Change Will Come
  10. When Lightning Strikes
  11. Halfway Home
  12. Behind The Eyes
  13. Coming Together
  • All words and music - Nigel Brown
  • All vocals and guitars - Nigel Brown
  • Drums - Charlie Brown


Copyright 2013-9 (C) Laurel Canyon Music




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