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Previous LCM Artist of the Week


  • The Accidentals (US)

  • Hannah Aldridge (US)

  • Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith (UK)

  • August & After (UK)

  • Liv Austen (UK via NO)

  • Elles Bailey (UK)

  • Emily Barker (UK via AU)

  • Emma Ballentine (UK)

  • Fiona Bevan (UK)

  • Diane Birch (US)

  • The Black Feathers (UK)

  • Blue Rose Code (Ross Wilson) (UK)

  • Jenn Bostic (US)

  • Katie Brooks (UK)

  • Bryde (Sarah Howells) (UK)

  • The Cains (US)

  • Caitlyn Canty (US)

  • Carousel (UK)

  • Cam (US)

  • Canen (US)

  • Brandi Carlile (US)

  • Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker (UK)

  • Company Of Players (UK)

  • Roxanne de Bastion (UK via DE)

  • Daniel Duke (UK)

  • Darlingside (US)

  • Blair Dunlop (UK)

  • Edgelarks - Phil Henry & Hannah Martin (UK)

  • Kate Ellis (UK via US)

  • Faultlines (US)

  • Laura Frances (UK)

  • Marina Florance (UK)

  • Gitta de Ridder (UK via NL)

  • Gilmore & Roberts (UK)

  • Good Harvest (SE)

  • Saskia Griffiths Moore (UK)

  • Hatful Of Rain (UK)

  • Kat Healy (UK)

  • Honey & The Bear (UK)

  • Kaleo (US via IC)

  • The Henry Girls (IE)

  • The Hummingbirds (UK)

  • Gregory Alan Isakov (US/ZA)

  • Jamestown Reveival (US)

  • Joe Innes & The Cavalcade (UK)

  • Luke Jackson (UK)

  • Tobias Ben Jacob (UK)

  • Gavin James (IE)

  • The Jellyman's Daughter (UK)

  • Kadia (UK)

  • Lewis & Leigh (UK + US)

  • Antonio Lulic (UK)

  • Sasha McVeigh (US via UK)

  • Kitty Macfarlane (UK)

  • Albert Man (UK)

  • Me For Queen (UK)

  • Mile Twelve (US)

  • Morganway (UK)

  • Findlay Napier (UK)

  • Danni Nicholls (UK)

  • Stephanie O'Brien (FR via UK)

  • Oh SIster (UK)

  • Oka Vanga (UK)

  • Sam Outlaw (US)

  • Mel Parsons (NZ)

  • Harry Pane (UK)

  • Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman (UK)

  • Roswell (UK)

  • Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar (UK)

  • Salt House (UK)

  • Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage (UK)

  • The Luck (UK)

  • The Southern Companion (UK)

  • The Steel Woods (US)

  • Emma Stevens (UK)

  • The Wandering Hearts (UK)

  • We Used To Make Things (UK)

  • Samantha Whates (UK)

  • Hannah White (UK)

  • Hattie Whitehead (UK)

  • Emily Mae Winters (UK)

  • Worry Dolls (UK)

  • Xander & The Peace Pirates (UK)

  • The Young'Uns (UK)

  • Zervas & Pepper (UK)


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