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Release Date: 23rd January

Genre: Americana, Alt-Folk, Blues

Location: Norwich, Norfolk

Record Label: Folkstock Records

Tracks: 11



The multi award-winning Marina Florance is a hidden gem of a singer-songwriter. A 'Folkstock' favourite whose heartfelt and reflective music is greatly enjoyed by all those who find it. Not only does Marina have a great smokey vocal but she is also an inventive songwriter too. She really is an artist whose music is worth exploring and getting to know further. Marina came to live music performance later in life after singing and writing music for a long time just in her kitchen. She won the very prestigious 'Oldie Composers' award (in aid of Barnados) in 2012 and her song 'Cry' was sung live on ITV's 'This Morning' by Anthony Head, Toni Wells and Bond.' 'This, That and The Other' is the intimate and reflective third album from Marina, after releasing her other albums Somewhere Down The Line in 2007 and Migration in 2010. All the tracks on her new album are original and written or co-written by Marina. 


The album begin's with the retro-sounding Americana and bluesy 'I Told You My Troubles', with it's sparkling acoustic guitar and backing vocals.  With a change of mood and it's rain effects 'Little Black Cloud' is a beautifully self reflective song written with Marina's regular writing partner Julie Fox-Allen. The song is about looking on the bright side of life and trying to find that silver lining. 

'The Wedding Day Waltz' could quite easily be on a movie soundtrack. With it's rich melodeon by Roland Carson, it paints a picture of a wedding with a French flavour. 'A Better Song' is a duet with Richard Piece, who co-wrote the song. Richard echos Marina's sung lyrics.

With it's excellent lyrics, one of our favourite songs on the album is the wonderfully reflective, hopefully and sage 'Take A Little Time'. It's a timely reminder to take time to appreciate both what we have and the wonders of the world  ' So take a little time each day to sing and take a little time each day to dream of incredible things, like the colours of a rainbow in a dark and rainy sky. Now that something gold can't buy'.

'When The Past Came A Callin' perfectly tells the story and feelings of lost love and meeting up unexpectedly after a long period of time. 'I'm not strong enough for you to stay'. The country tinged 'Carried Away' has once again a very strong story telling narrative, with it's sweet guitar picking, chugging mandolin backing and Marina's vocals soaring over the melody.  'She was carried away in a moment of madness, by his touch and word so kind. Yesterday's child in a woman world.....little comfort did she find'

A personal tale of loss and reflection 'Bring Me That Sweet Thing Called Love' has a additional back vocals from moh, who also designed the albuim cover with Marina. The tempo rises in the 50's doo-wop inspired and blusey 'A Room Of Your Own'. The song has guests Ben Smith on guitar and Greg Camburn on Alto Sax. Another tale of lost love and reflection on winter's eve is 'I'll Remember You'  I'll dance and I'll sing and I'll take a glass or two........and I'll remember you'. The album ends with an instrumental reprise of 'The Wedding Day Waltz'


Track Listing

  1. I Told You My Troubles
  2. Little Black Cloud
  3. The Wedding Day Waltz
  4. A Better Song
  5. Take A Little Time
  6. When The Past Came A Callin'
  7. Carried Away
  8. Bring Me That Sweet Thing Called Love
  9. A Room Of Your Own
  10. I'll Remember You
  11. The Wedding Day Waltz (instrumental)

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