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Release Date: January 29, 2016

Genre: American roots music: rock, blues, soul, funk and gospel

Band Members: Derek Trucks (Guitar), Susan Tedeschi (Guitar & Vocals), Kofi Burbridge (Keys & Flute), Tyler Greenwell (Drums), JJ Johnson (Drums), Mike Mattison (Backing Vocals), Mark Rivers (Backing Vocals), Alecia Chakour (Backing Vocals), Tim Lefebvre (Bass), Kebbi Williams (Saxophone), Elizabeth Lea (Trombone) and Ephraim Owens (Trumpet)

Location: Jacksonville, Florida. USA

Tracks: 10

Record Label: Fantasy Records



Let Me Get By is the excellent third studio album from the Grammy award winning group, Tedeschi Trucks Band. The band are one of our favourite new discoveries from last year. The album was recorded during breaks in TTB touring in early 2015,. The band used Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi's 'Swamp Raga' home studio in Jacksonville, Florida to record the album. Unlike their previous album, 'Let Me Get By' was written fully by the band, with help from frequent collaborator Doyle Bramhall II. Derek Trucks produced the album himself, after having co-produced the band's previous albums. It positively crackles and sparkles with energy and ideas. A collection of toe-tappers featuring one of greatest guitarist Derek Trucks trademark slide guitar solo's, vocals and guitar playing from multi Grammy nominated Susan Tedeschi and an amazingly tight and skillful band. The album’s artwork, a Mongolian golden eagle caught a moment after flying from its master’s glove—and even the album title, reflect the sense of total dedication that serves as the driving wheel of TTB. Be in no doubt, this is a high quality album from start to finish. 

“’Let Me Get By’ actually refers to a lot of things,” says Derek Trucks, “like the band becoming more self-reliant than ever before—writing our own songs and producing our own music in our own studio. It’s about moving on to a new recording label with a deal that gives us more freedom, and personally, I found myself with more time to focus on TTB after the Allman Brothers played their final shows this past year. Tedeschi Trucks Band won the 'Grammy Award' for Best Blues Album for the band's superb 2011 debut album 'Revelator'

The album begins with the catchy powerhouse 'Anyhow', one of our favourites, a perfect slice of upbeat Blues Rock. With great percussion and brass arrangements, this is a perfect open-road driving song.  "Running from a bitter taste. Took a rest from all the chase. Feeling something anchored on my soul. Played the game by all the rules. Learning lessons no one gets to choose"

The soulful and bluesy, almost gospel like "Laugh About It' is a positive feel good song about making the best out of life. With the wonderful and sage chorus "Rise up, right where they pushed you down. Don’t let nobody ever turn you 'round. Try, try to believe it. All the caring and hard work and trouble, Is worth the chance. You can talk about it. It was always there, Ain’t no doubt about it. It ain’t always fair....So where do we take it from here? When life is what we make it"

Another very catchy track is the funky "Don't Know What It Means".  "If the story feels exactly like a dream, Don’t know what it means. Things ain’t what they seem. And you can’t just turn the page and let it go. Things that you’ve been told. Are deep down in your soul"

Firmly in New Orleans Jazz territory is the next track "Right on Time". Some great almost retro classic mooted brass lines with a real dirty feel. Mike Mattison takes a turn on lead vocals. "Does a smile come alive, When you share the wine? And the love that you make. Is it right on time? Poor old Romeo. Juliet is at his feet. Maybe she’s just asleep.

Changing the mood "Let Me Get By" the positive title track has a almost Doors-like psychedelic harmonium intro, ramping up to a great blues rock track. All complemented by one of Derek trademark guitar solo's.

Drifting into country almost swamp blues and gospel at times "Just as Strange" is another track to get your head bopping. A brilliant piece of driving Americana.  

A Philly soul tale of lost love segways into an ethereal, floating and delightful titled instrumental "Crying Over You / Swamp Raga for Holzapfel, Lefebvre, Flute and Harmonium"  "A strange and invincible, sky comes crashing through, this crying over you. (Boo hoo hoo hoo)......Really, really want to live without you. Really, really want to deal without you. Really, really want to grow without you. Really, really want to know without you"

An unusual meld of soul, Bollywood-style strings, Eastern electric slide, and strummed acoustic guitars creatively come together to support Susan's heartfelt and affirmative vocal in the passionate personal and hopeful love song, "Hear Me "When I watched you walk away. I knew I’d gone too far. I’m on my knees to plead for mercy. Don’t want to live and hurt alone. And if you feel like I feel.....Then come on, baby. You must remember, that we’re one in a million years and then maybe you will remember. That we were always going to work it out"

With Motown R&B percussion and backing vocals "I Want More" is a another song of hope and not giving up. A beautiful ending with flute and electric guitar weaving around the melody. "Nothing can hold me down. I’m taking the long way 'round. Can’t get enough, I want more. When I come around this time. There’s nowhere to run and hide. I want more, more of you. All of you"

The album concludes with "In Every Heart". With a brass section intro the track moves firmly into blues/gospel to complete a wonderfully crafted album of top quality music. "In every heart there’s a name. Under the perfume and all the blame. In every heart. In every story a face. It won’t ever leave you, so dream away. In every heart."


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