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Big Comfy Sessions (Coventry)

The Big Comfy Sessions are held in a great book shop in Coventry called 'The Big Comfy Bookshop'. They run great video sessions & interviews and also organising gigs at the venue. A session comprises of a recording of an original song, a cover song and a short interview. An idea that started out as 'let's film some musicians playing in a bookshop'....and that quickly grew into 'let's film some musicians playing in a bookshop'.

Mahogany (?)

Beautiful filmed and recorded video sessions by The Mahogany Sessions team. Mahogany started back in February 2009 as the Mahogany Blog. They had the simple mission to 'deliver great music to your ears and eyes, as often as possible'.

A year later in the Summer of 2010, they saw a great opportunity to expand their mission and started to capture their own video content from the bands that they love and launched The Mahogany sessions. They have filmed over 400 videos and have become one of the most popular independent music platforms in the world.

In 2013 they begun staging live shows in London where teh likes of George Ezra, James Bay, Maverick Sabre, Newton Faulkner, Lucy Rose and many others have performed. This is a platform to discover, share and talk about great music. It's open to everyone of all ages and any background. 

Ont' Sofa (North Yorkshire)

The Ont' Sofa sessions are those intimate musical moments you want to share with everyone you know. The Ont Sofa team strive to find some of the most talented artists around the country and beyond, for your viewing and listening pleasure! As well as their famous live sessions the team also are involved in production, music videos and artist development.


  • Owner: Rodeo Whiter and Dan Lee
  • Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire
  • Website:
  • Contact: TBA

Rodeax Limited are a very good film and audio production company based in Oxford. They offer a wide range of services in these sectors, both on set and in post production. They also have unique packages for wedding videos as well as studio time, music videos and live sessions.

Rodeax LTD offers services in the following areas: Audio mixing, recording, post-production sound, on location sound, sound design, dialogue editing, scoring, video editing, colour grading, event coverage, wedding videos, documentaries, corporate, adverts and promotional videos, music videos, live sessions and videos, short films, feature films and interviews. 

Songs FROM The Shed (Somerset)

Songs For The Shed are a great handmade acoustic video session from probably the UK's (and our) favourite musical shed. The shed is a former army billet based in the North Somerset  countryside just off junction 20 of the M5, it contains a fascinating collection of curiosities and is the perfect location to take a break from the madness of touring, kick back for a while and watch some intimate lofi acoustic performances. Sessions are recorded as live and in one take giving a feeling of being there.

There is no post production and the sound is controlled by putting the loudest at the back and the quietest at the front. All recorded on a digital compact with one mic a bit like the old days at Sun studios. Analogue for a digital age !

The collections in the shed were initially put together for meetings of a small group of friends with a love of Cheese and Cider  during one of our regular meetings in The Royal Oak it was suggested we tried to get some musicians to play at the first meeting. The Cheese and Cider society idea was dropped and Songs From The Shed was born.

Under The Apple Tree (Oxfordshire) 

  • Team: Bob Harris, Trudie Myercough-Harris, Miles Myerscough-Harris, Steph Punfield and Char Browning 
  • Location: Steventon, Oxon
  • Website:
  • Contact:

A great video session run by the 'Whispering Bob Broadcast Company' (WBBC) of Bob and his team from Bob's home. The sessions often include an interview with Bob himself. These are some of our favourite sessions and well worth applying for if you are a musician and watching if you are a music fan. WhisperingBobTV is the channel for music lovers everywhere. Curated by Bob Harris himself, they focus on bringing you the best music they possibly can through our Under The Apple Tree sessions, festival coverage, exclusive interviews and much more!

Under The Apple Tree sessions are beautiful and intimate performances recorded live in the studio of Whispering Bob Harris, which just happens to be situated under an apple tree. They focus on bringing attention to amazing artists who deserve to be heard by everyone.

If you'd like to apply for a session yourself, please fill out an application on their website:

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