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Release Date: 30th June, 2017

Genre: Country, Pop, Rock

Record Label: Green Note Music

Tracks: 5

Review by: Gary Smith


2017 looks to be an exciting year for Lincolnshire born singer-songwriter Georgina Callaghan. Her new 'The Other Side' EP is the first of three new EPs planned for release over the next 12 months, a route Callaghan has chosen over releasing a new studio album. She explains: 

"The way that people consume music these days has changed so much and EPs seem to fit with people’s appetite for new music little and often. It also gives me the freedom to share new music more often and really concentrate on producing four great songs every few months."

'The Other Side' EP also marks a change in direction. Moving her music closer to pop and capturing a bigger, more produced sound. This is showcased on the title track, which is the project’s lead single. 

The EP was recorded in LA with production from Anthony Resta, Starr Parodi and Jeff Fair. “It’s been an amazing experience to write and record in LA, with such a fantastically talented group of producers and musicians. We wanted to create songs which draw the listener in, paint pictures in your mind and stir your emotions.”

The EP begins with the heartfelt 'Solid Ground' with it's gentle acoustic guitar and subtle bass line intro building into an almost anthemic Coldplay middle and end sections. "I found the place my heart belongs. Solid ground to walk upon....I'm never gonna let you go!" The sublime piano led 'Surrender' has some wonderful arrangements and a fantastic orchestral build. It reminded me a little of the feel of Evanescence's 'My Immortal'. With it's Beatlesque string arrangements 'I Don't Know How To Lose You' is a piano led highly crafted and personal song. It's classic Callaghan, but with a bigger feel and structure. "Don't close the door. Don't walk away. There is so much more I have to say".

The electronic fuzzy introduction of the The Other Side (Intro) drifts into the sublime and timely title track 'The Other Side'. It builds from a gentle piano opening into a full blown rock track with hints of Fleetwood Mac. It's has a slightly 80's retro rock feel in the big chorus. "Take my hand, I will lead you to the other side'.

“I tend to stay away from politics in my music” says Callaghan. “But having been in the UK for the referendum and the US for the elections I wanted to write a song that touched on how divided people have become and how some political leaders offer simple solutions to very complex problems. 

Callaghan is currently on a UK tour to support the release of the new EP. Catch her if you can.

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