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Release Date: 31st October, 2017

Genre: Singer-Songwriter

Record Label: Tracey Brown Music

Tracks: 10


Review By: Gary Smith (LCM)

Tracey Browne is wonderfully multi-talented. She is a highly talented singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and session singer, her credits include recording projects by Thea Gilmore, Nigel Stonier and a host of independent artists. From producing and recording other artists, to singing and playing live with bands and songwriters of many different genres, Tracey has become one of the most versatile musicians to work with in the UK. Tracey plays piano, tenor guitar, bass guitar, Q-chord and always providing outstanding vocals. With all these talents she is in high demand on the professional circuit. Tracey has also trained as a sound engineer at Manchester’s ‘Airtight Studios’.

It's always a very special occasion when Tracey releases her own music and her excellent highly anticipated second solo album 'The Doctrine Of Song' released in late October certainly doesn't disappoint. It follows her critically acclaimed debut solo album release 'Everybody is Ordinary' in 2012 and then her fantastic duo album with Raevennan Husbandes ‘East by North West’ in 2015. Guests on the new album include Nigel Stonier, Thea Gilmore (Backing Vocals), Seadna McPhail (Random hats, programming and synth percussion), Che Beresford (Drums & Percussion), Liz Hanks (Cello), the AMA UK award winning CJ Hillman (Electric Guitar), Katie Ware [Little Sparrow] (Backing vocals), James Trott (Backing vocals) and Adam Lowles (Backing Vocals)

The new album perfectly showcases Tracey's pure vocals, musicianship, quality songwriting and arrangements. It was engineered and mastered on Tracey 'home turf' of the Airtight Studios in Manchester. The 'Doctrine Of Song' features self penned songs along with a number of co-writes with the very talented singer-songwriter and producer Nigel Stonier.

The album opens with the high tempo rocky 'Compliance', a co-write with Nigel. Electric guitars riffs and driving percussion echo classic bands like Evanescence. One of my favourite songs on the album is the anthemic piano led 'Hit The Road Running'. A wonderfully arranged song themed about starting a new life journey with a very positive attitude, with some very sage advise as well 'You don't need permission. You don't need to hide......Just be yourself, be brave and be kind'.  

Next up is the gentle, personal and reflective 'Muscho Gusto' which showcases Tracey's wonderful storytelling ability. The song is a tribute to Farnworth barber Craig Durham who was a close family friend. Craig sadly took his own life three years ago. WIth it's retro infused harmonies, 'life coach meets drama queen' in 'Preachy Keen', 'a rebel without a good thesaurus'. The gentle folk infused 'My Father's Love' is another beautifully written and deeply reflective track, 'If life is a prison, then you hold the key. Forgive yourself grieving and honour me'. Another standout track is the optimist and self-reflective 'As Far As The Heart Can See', with it's very catchy radio friendly chorus and guitar riffs. It perfectly showcases Tracey's songwriting and arranging talents with help from 'partner in crime' Nigel Stonier. I hope this one get the recognition that it deserves.

You can imagine that it's a tough life being a singer-songwriter. Everybody has an opinion of you and your music good or bad and they don't mind sharing it with you. This kind of sometimes harsh criticism forms the basis of Tracey's next song and a very worthy life mantra 'It's Nice To Be Nice'. There is a spiritual gospel quality about the beautiful 'Never You'. Soft finger-picked acoustic guitar combine with Tracey's heartfelt lead vocals, wonderful cello arrangements, a heavenly backing chorus and hand claps. 'You kept faith and stayed true. It was never you'. The reflective mood continues in 'Chapel Lane' with its lovely piano melodies and interweaving cello lines by Liz Hanks. This high quality album is perfectly completed with another piano led song and strong chorus backing, the very topical 'The Lauded Gun'. "When 3,000 children are turned away. When doctors down tools over safety and pay. When 27 years worth of voices are raised. Singing 'You'll never walk alone'." 

Tracey is a very talented singer-songwriter and one of 2018's LCM 'Ones To Watch'. We really feel her at LCM that Tracey deserves more recognition for her music and we hope that this new album along with her live performances will bring her the success that we personally think that she deserves. 

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