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Kal Lavelle - For The Loved And Lost.jpg
  • Artist: Kal Lavelle
  • Release Date: 1st June. 2018
  • Genre: Singer-songwriter
  • Record Label: Kal Lavelle (Independent)
  • Tracks: 11
  • Website:
  • Review By: Gary Smith (LCM)

"The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives. The harder you have to fight for something, the more priceless it will become once you achieve it. And the more pain you have to endure on your journey, the sweeter the arrival at your destination. All good things are worth waiting for and worth fighting for." — Susan Gale

The quote above perfectly sums the background to the excellent and highly anticipated debut album 'For The Loved And Lost' by London based singer-songwriter Kal Lavelle. Kal is a very firm favourite on the London live music scene. For her debut album she has taken a selection of her best loved songs, added some wonderful new ones and then sprinkled a 'touch of magic' in the form of high quality production, instrumentation and arrangements. They are perfectly complementary and support the already wonderful strong songwriting and vocals. Kal's songs provide a honest confessional account of what it is to be in love, with all it's sometimes deep and conflicting emotions, skillfully distilled into musical and lyrical form. Kal has played as a support act for Ed Sheeran, Bastille and The Beach Boys, while receiving radio play on numerous BBC radio stations and soaring to the top of both the UK and Ireland iTunes singer-songwriter charts. The album is produced and mixed by multi instrumentalist Peter Lyons (who also played on the album) and co-produced by Kal. Also adding their excellent playing to the album was Rachel Lander (Cello) and Stephanie O'Brien (Violin)

Kal comments "It’s an album of very emotive and heartfelt songs. It’s got the epic-ness of Florence & The Machine and the intimate, confessional nature of Damien Rice’s music. There’s also a few seemingly up-beat songs in there to break it up". 

The album opens with the confessional and delicate 'I Fell In Love With My Friend' , with it's lovely string and piano arrangement underpinning the central melody. A heartfelt tale of lost love and regret 'Last Cigarette' with it's simple keys and percussion arrangement is raw and emotive. The mood lifts next with an up-tempo homage to Kal's friend the very popular friend and idol 'Kate'. With Kal imagining swapping places with her for just 'one day'. Kate is 'everyone that Kal wants to be'. Another beautiful song and one my favourites on the album is 'Closer'. The new album version has wonderful percussion with the song quickly building with a great string arrangement.

Another firm staple of Kal live set is the impressive 'Shivers'.  "Got a hundred kisses I wanna taste you, got a hundred places I wanna take you
you give me shivers up my spine, you leave me breathless all the time. I got this funny feelin inside of me......Oh my God, you've got me crawlin' on my knees and if you were to say that you'd leave I'd throw my eyes to heaven and I'd plead, don't let go of me". 
The very personal and honest 'Saddest Song' once again sees Kal reflecting on her life and loves. With some close friends already living in the city, 'Berlin' is a song about Kal reflecting on her life in the UK and considering a new life in Germany's capital. The emotive and the simply beautiful 'Blue Lagoon' is one of the old songs on the album in terms of it's creation. It was written when Kal was a teenager. But like all good music it never ages and is timeless. Soft finger picked acoustic guitar, complemented by subtle accents on electric guitar and expanding into a wonderful new string arrangement.

Beautiful, honest and raw 'Forgive Me' with gentle piano is probably the most self reflective song on the album. "Forgive me love cause I never meant to hurt you". 'The Ocean'. is based to a trip to have start a relationship in Thailand, which didn't live up to it's initial promise and work out in the end. Some great metaphors and cleverly constructed lyrics in this one and I love the way the song builds. Always a firm staple of Kal's live shows is the sexy 'Get Out Out My Head'. With it's audience participation and an almost hypnotic chorus, it is always crowd favourite. It is also very fitting that it is the song that  brings Kal's debut album to a close. 

'For The Loved And Lost' is a very special collection of music. Created with thoughtful meticulous care and a very skillful hand. It's personal, very honest and in places emotionally raw. It forms a perfect showcase for Kal music and I hope it goes on to provide her with the recognition that she so richly deserves. This self released debut album was successfully crowdfunded smashing it's initial target which was originally for an EP. On the basis of this album, personally I can't wait to hear what new music Kal is planning to release in the future.

Kal is one of our LCM 'Ones to watch' in 2018.


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