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Release date: 18th March, 2017

Genre: Alt-folk, Acoustic, Pop Singer-songwriter

Band Members: Griff Jameson & Hannah Elizabeth James

Record Label: Cracking Tunes

Tracks: 4


This year is shaping up to be the year of exciting new music projects and collaborations. This includes our next very talented duo Griff Jameson (Fred's House) and Hannah Elizabeth James (Said The Maiden). Already multi awarding winning in their own groups, Supermoon introduces a fresh rich signature sound which weaves throughout their self titled debut EP. 

Supermoon is a very interesting blend fusing Hannah's mostly folk roots sound for 'Said The Maiden' with the Folk-rock and pop of Griff's 'Fred's House'. The new duo brings together the best of 'best worlds'. Classic intelligent songwriting, stripped arrangements with harmony driven songs which linger in the memory.

Griff is a very good songwriter and vocalist and this is showcased on the new EP. Initially Supermoon was a solo project for Griff between Fred's House albums. Frequent live performances with the in-demand Hannah quickly found the pair collaborating and simply enjoying the thrill of making music together. Griff and Hannah are joined on the new EP by Reeta Varpama on piano and Allan Bradbury on Cello. Tracks 1 & 2 were produced and mixed by Chris Bradbury and Chris Pepper with 3 & 4 were produced and mixed by producer and percussionist Stephen MacLachlan (Lucy Ward, Jess Morgan, The Willows).

The EP begins with the the reflective and instantly catchy 'You'll Never Know'.  A love story with a art based theme. Some wonderful comparisons through the song, together with a Seth Lakeman-esque violin and cello line. One of things that I love about Fred's House is the ability to write thoughtful and reflective slower ballads and 'To Mend A Broken Heart' showcases Griff writing abilities. Adding Hannah's harmonies vocals and violin playing in the mix gives it a special quality. 

Hannah takes the lead vocal in the radio friendly 'Time Takes Time', one of my favourites from the new EP. Beautiful hand picked acoustic guitar and mournful violin complements perfectly. 


What better why to end the new EP that with a stripped acoustic cover of Nirvana's 'Sweet Child O'Mine', which is sure to be a live favourite

As a new duo Supermoon show lots of promise. It will be interesting to see where their musical journey takes them.


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