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LCM's TOP 50 'ONES TO WATCH' in 2017

  1. The King's Parade
  2. Darlingside
  3. Drake White
  4. Cam
  5. Beth Rowley
  6. Stephanie O'Brien
  7. Diane Birch
  8. Danni Nicholls
  9. Brandi Carlile
  10. Sierra Hull
  11. Gavin James
  12. Emily Mae Winters
  13. Josh Hedley
  14. Ward Thomas
  15. Sam Kelly and The Lost Boys
  16. Good Harvest
  17. Jamestown Revival
  18. Blue Rose Code
  19. Sarah Darling
  20. Midland
  21. Emily Barker
  22. Hannah Aldridge
  23. Colter Wall
  24. Little Sparrow
  25. Bryde
  26. Lauren Housley
  27. Elles Bailley
  28. I'm With Her
  29. Southern Halo
  30. Roxanne de Bastion
  31. The Hummingbirds
  32. Katey Brooks
  33. Andrew Combs
  34. Beth McCarthy
  35. The Changing Room
  36. O&O Duo
  37. Saskia
  38. Kadia
  39. Company of Players
  40. Megan O'Neill
  41. Liv Austin
  42. Ned Robert
  43. Wildwood Kin
  44. Harry Pane
  45. Flyte
  46. Lisa Wright
  47. Lowes
  48. Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith
  49. Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow

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