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Daisy Chute - London's On Fire

** Video Premiere **

LCM Song Of The Day: ‘London’s On Fire’ - Daisy Chute

We are thrilled to share with you the online video premiere of the excellent ‘London’s On Fire’ by the very talented Scottish-American singer-songwriter and LCM favourite Daisy Chute.

‘London’s On Fire’ is a single from upcoming début originals album by Folk and Americana singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Daisy Chute. Released on February 13th 2019, it is a foot-stomping, Latin-influenced, fast-paced song that unanimously won the hearts of the judges and audience at 229 The Venue for the Coffee Music Project Singer-Songwriter competition. The song took her to the U.S. for a concert and songwriting tour in October. Daisy launched the new single with her band at the prestigious Century Club in Soho on Wednesday..

When asked to write a song about London for the competition, Daisy opted to write about the duality of the city she has lived in for most her adult life; on the one hand it is a creative and inspiring city, and on the other it can be destructive and difficult to live in a “city always moving on”. Written and recorded in London in collaboration with Tim Baxter (Andy Burrows, The Editors, Nick Mulvey), ‘London’s On Fire’ will be released with the accompanying music video featuring iconic London places including Primrose Hill and The Shard.

This may be her debut originals album, but Daisy is no stranger to the studio with 3 previous albums with Universal under her belt as founder member of Platinum-selling classical group ‘All Angels’. A regular in the London music scene and an award-winning singer and songwriter, Daisy has been mentored by rock royalty Sir Ray Davies, featured as a vocalist on Radiohead's latest album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, and even got the thumbs up from Sir Paul McCartney after a performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

"Beautiful, exquisite melodies, insightful lyrics and a wealth of wonderful musicality makes Daisy an artist that is destined for great things.." Tony Moore (Soho Radio, The Bedford)

The single is available to purchase from all the regular online platforms.

Music and Lyrics by Daisy Chute and Tim Baxter
Produced and Mixed by Tim Baxter
Mastered by Mazen Murad (Metropolis Studios)

Vocals, Guitar: Daisy Chute
Keys: Tim Baxter
Double Bass: Will Collier
Drums: Chris Brice
Cello: Midori Jaeger
Additional Guitar: Max Cliverd
Backing Vocals: Cerian Holland and Greg Bishop

Video: Seven Hills Films
Director: Bartek Podkowa
Steadicam Operator: Shaun Waldie
Focus Puller: Aadhar Gupta Aadhar Dmt

Vein of London far below
that freezes with the snow
and never feels the fire’s glow

is threading through the city docks
and winding with the clocks
and mourning with the tower blocks

Faded glass that sunlight shone upon
buildings with more buildings built upon
A city always moving on

London’s on Fire
London's on Fire
We go round this town, and burn it down
and build it back up higher and higher
London’s on Fire

Saving for our holiday
we justify our pay and
look the other way
our back against the flames

who will pay the price?
Could I sacrifice
my right to live in paradise?

Faded glass that sunlight shone upon
Bodies with more bodies buried on
A city always moving on

London’s on Fire
London's on Fire
We go round this town, and burn it down
and build it back up
Higher and higher
London’s on fire
We go round this town, and burn it down
And build it back up higher and higher
London’s on Fire

Copyright 2013-9 (C) Laurel Canyon Music




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