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Green Note, Camden, London

  • Address: 106 Parkway, Camden, London NW1 7AN
  • Owners: Immy & Risa
  • Type of music: Folk, Americana, Country, Roots, World, and Acoustic music
  • Capacity: Main: 65 mixed seating and standing. (Basement) 25 mixed seating and  standing
  • Nearest Station: Camden Town or Camden Road
  • Website:
  • Contact:

This hidden gem in the heart of Camden has just won 2015 London's favourite music venue on almost it's tenth anniversary. It has been described as the nearest thing you can get to a musical version of the TV series 'Cheers' in real life. I also have to add that I spend more time at the Green Note, than I do in any other venue in town. Whatever night you chose you are always guaranteed great music, even if you have never heard the musicians before. This very special independent music venue and vegetarian cafe was founded and run by two friends and passionate music lovers, who wanted to create their ideal place to hang out in London, Immy and Risa. In their own words

"Our dream was to create a place where we could share music that we loved - somewhere with a laid back, intimate and friendly atmosphere. Becoming friends in our school days, the seed for our idea was planted many years ago. After lots of hard work, many ups and downs, and learning more than we ever could have imagined along the way, our dream became a reality when Green Note opened its doors in the Summer of 2005. Now in our tenth year, we have established a reputation as one of London's best spots for roots, world and acoustic music, and we're constantly astonished by the wealth of incredible musicians who grace our stage. We're really proud of what we have created, and happy to be able to share it with you. We hope to see you soon!"

A lot of top musicians (both UK and International) play at the Green Note, as they love the vibe and intimacy of the venue and the attentive audiences. So don't let the Green Note's moderate size fool you, gigs here are very special and it 'punches' well above it's weight.

Immy and Risa often book the musicians directly but there are also some very good promoters that use the Green Note including Graham Smallwood (Folk on Mondays), Rory Carlile (New Roots), Time Out and Ricky Diamante (Folklore) who run excellent evening of music.

LCM have also started promoting at the Green Note from March 2017 and we are thrilled to be working with such an excellent venue and passionate supporters of live music.

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