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High Fences - James Edwyn and The Borrowed Band (06/10/17)

  • Artist: James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band

  • Release Date: 6th October, 2017

  • Genre: Americana, Rock

  • Record Label: Dead Records Collective

  • Tracks: 10

  • Website:

  • Review By: Gary Smith (LCM)

Glasgow based Scottish Americana & Folk-Rock band James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band are certainly making waves. After the excitement and critical acclaim surrounding their debut album ‘The Tower’ in 2014, their second album ‘High Fences’ released in October 2017 certainly lives up it’s promise. It’s released on the band’s own Dead Record Collective label and is currently winning them even more attention. The band feature James Edwyn, Emma Joyce, Scott Keenan, Ronnie Gilmour, Ross McLaughlin and Neil McDonald

They thrilled at this years AMA UK conference & showcase and also performed on the main stage of the FATEA’s 30th birthday bash in Bournemouth. They have been very busy this year with a UK tour and many other successful festival appearances.

‘High Fences' is a perfect showcase of the bands unique combination of the finest melody-driven songwriting along with their trademark attention to production and arrangement. The inclusion of pedal steel and horns adding an extra dimension.

There are echoes of The Band too in the interplay and rich grooves in ‘Get Back Up’. It is a album of wonderful contrast and texture including the guitar-driven alt-country of the opening track ‘Passing San Ysidro’ , the gentle flow and reflection of ‘Pushing Statues’ through to the soulful ‘Quoting Sagan’. Soul and heart is what this album has in abundance. There is even the lovely ‘Never In A While’ which strips everything down to just James Edwyn on acoustic guitar. It perfectly suits the intimate nature of the song.

With it’s gentle melodic pop sway, ‘Starlet’ is another particular highlight of mine, with Emma Joyce’s harmony vocals adding to the rich mix. The album closes on two slow waltzers with ‘Burning Man’ and Ronnie Gilmour’s guitar playing perfectly complementing James Edwyn’s soulful and heartfelt delivery in ‘Doubts’ bringing to mind CSNY and The Eagles.

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