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Jess Morgan


Photo Credit: Rob Bridge (Redwood Photography)

Photo Credit: Rob Bridge (Redwood Photography)

  • Line-up: Jess Morgan Trio with special guests Jack Harris and Stylusboy
  • Venue: St. Pancras Old Church, London
  • Date: 26th May, 2016
  • LCM Gig: #8
  • Website:
  • Website:
  • Website:
  • Review By: Rob Bridge (Redwood Photography)

It was a welcome return to St Pancras Old Church in London on Thursday for another wonderful evening of music organised by Laurel Canyon Music.  Gary Smith had pulled together another great line-up for the entertainment of the near capacity audience.

The venue seemed even more impressive than I remember it.  It’s room that, whilst intimidating in height and grandeur, still seems to retain the warmth and intimacy needed for acoustic music.

First up was my old pal Stylusboy who’d made the journey by train from his hometown of Coventry.  From the opening ‘Keep You’ to his closing number ‘Hold My Hand’ (a song about his son, accompanied by a prompted ‘Ahhh’ from the audience) Stylusboy kept everyone spellbound with his whisperingly crafted stories.  Jess Morgan joined Steve on stage for a performance of ‘Lantern’ from the ‘Hospitality for Hope’ album…

It was the first time I’d seen Jack Harris.  Aside from some seriously sweet guitar work and a great voice, the man is funny.  Very funny.  With a stage presence that’s eccentrically animated but wonderfully captivating, Mr Harris was a joy to watch.  I’ve been checking out his music since I got back and there are already a bunch of Jack Harris songs now embedded in my playlist…

Jess Morgan is simply one of my fave singer-songwriters and a few bars into her first song I realised it was way too long since I’d seen her.  This evening was the official launch of Jess’ new single ‘Natalie’ and she was joined on stage by her ‘Jess Morgan Trio’ compatriots (and top geezers) Jose McGill on bass and Noel Dashwood on dobro.  Backing vocals and subtly supportive instrumentation just make Jess sound even more fantastic than she normally does.  Go and see them.  Awesome.

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