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Sadie Jemmett - Green Note, London (5th July, 2017)


The Green Note in Camden has long been regarded as the best small music venue in London. With it's super sound, listening audience and warm atmosphere, it is the favourite of many acoustic artists. Hosting some of the best musicians and singer-songwriters over the years, it has also been used to record live sessions and concerts. Famously The Shires recorded their first EP at the venue. Tonight was a another special occasion as East Sussex based singer-songwriter Sadie Jemmett had chosen the Green Note to record her new live album for release later in the year. 

First up were the special guests for the evening, two young brothers Ed and Ollie Goodale from West Sussex. Despite his young age, Ed has played extensively at gigs, clubs and festivals throughout the UK and Europe, gaining him a strong following on the modern folk scene. Ed's songs are inspired by his 'gift' of Asperger's. With Ed on vocals and acoustic guitar & brother Ollie on cajon, it was a mature performance and strong set of songs based on Ed's life and experiences. Vocally Ed reminded me of Andrew Jones from Journey Home.  The seven song set included songs about 'going with the flow', relaxing and contemplating life in 'I'm alright', 'I'm feeling fine' and 'I want to stay' to the subject of relationships and his daughter in 'Through it all'. There was the optimistic and inspirational 'Don't take no for an answer' about following your dreams as a singer-songwriter. It was also the title track of Ed's 2015 album 'The Same But Different'. The set was concluded with a moving song about their older brother serving in Afghanistan called 'Far Away'. 

Sadie Jemmett comes originally from Cambridge but spent most of her life in North London. She even ran a stall in Camden market selling fruit and juices. Sadie's music is inspired by London life and her personal experiences. It is autobiographical bohemian indie-folk, strongly influenced by the classic Greenwich Village folk music of the 1970's.

With just Sadie on stage with her finger-picked acoustic guitar, she began her set with the emotive, personal and dream-like 'I'm glad your back' taken from her 2011 album 'The Blacksmith's Girl'. Next was her ode to North London, the americana flavoured 'Up on the heath' which was dedicated to Immy, who had asked Sadie for the chords of the song so she could play them on her ukelele. The song reminded me a little of Billy Bragg.

Sadie lived in a one-bed flat with her young daughter and worked in Camden for many years. The next song was another personal take on North London life 'Five things I noticed while I walked to Camden Square'. Following perfectly was the emotive 'Stay' a love song from her 2014 EP 'London Love Songs'. Many singer-songwriters find it difficult to write a 'happy' song. The beautiful and touching 'Fighting chance' was Sadie's latest song to try and crack this elusive subject.

Very topical and timely was another new song 'Rescue street', about the perils of internet dating and the difficulty of modern relationships. Sadie said while writing the song she thought of a place where all these people were waiting to be rescued and saved. Sadie mentioned that the next song 'Another Way To Be' was written after the worse jetlag ever after flying to the US to record her debut album. After four sleepless night this was written for her young daughter. 

Sadie also lived near Dalston and the next song was another slice of London life the title track from her EP 'London Love Songs'. With an Americana feel and tackling the subject of addiction ''Adventures in Sobriety' was written for a friend who had trouble stopping drinking. He would often talk about a 'beast sat on his shoulder'. Written on a very rainy London summer's day 'These days' is a personal account of difficulties of being a single mum.

The very well deserved encore was the up-tempo country infused title track from her 'The Blacksmith's Girl' album, about a girl who goes out at night to seek her fortune. 

It was another special night at the Green Note, I wait with eager anticipation to hear the forthcoming live album.

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