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For fans and musicians of Folk, Americana, Country, Blues, Singer-Songwriter, Rock, Roots & Acoustic and music from the Laurel Canyon late 60’s/early 70’s era.

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  • Promoter: Stephen Thomas, Ben Walker and Josienne Clarke.
  • Genre: Folk, Americana, Singer-songwriter, Acoustic
  • Venues: The Harrison (Kings X), The Social (West End), Old Queens Head (Islington)
  • Contact:
  • Website:
  • Email: For gig submissions -

The Folkroom is London's best kept secret - when it comes to folk music at least. A free fortnightly gig just around the corner from King's Cross station, the gigs are home to some of the most intimate sets you're ever likely to see. You might find yourself watching fireside guitars, or gathered around the old upright piano watching acoustic or even entirely unplugged performances by the best acts London has to offer! The Folkroom are also famed for their great 'tribute' nights where the best of the Folkroom stable perform covers of a famous artist or band. Past ones have included ABBA, Paul Simon, Kate Bush and Walt Disney films. They are a lot of fun and well worth attending.

Folkroom Records is the label that grew from the initial gigs, putting out EPs and free compilations by their favourite acts showcased from their fortnightly gigs. Folkroom is run by musician and producer Ben Walker, singer-songwriter Josienne Clarke and writer/promoter Stephen Thomas. The trio strive to bring the finest of England's burgeoning folk acts to an intimate London venue. Playing a Folkroom gig: We are always on the look out for new acts at Folkroom! Though we’ve been lucky enough to build up a large community of acts, Folkroom is meant to be an inclusive experience – you don’t have to know one of the organisers to get on our stage! Our gigs are held every other Wednesday at The Harrison, and are organised by our man Stephen. Whilst Stephen does do his best to listen to all submissions, it can get a little overwhelming. He’ll get back to as soon as he can, regardless of whether or not you’re right for the gig. Please only send one or two songs at a time, ideally via a Soundcloud or Bandcamp link. 

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